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Nail Design 2023: Latest Trends and Ideas


Bright 2000's designs, unconventional French nails, and galaxy-inspired nail art — these 2023 nail trends are far from boring. We rounded up eighteen splendid and chic nail designs that will be all the rage this season. Don't hesitate and check out the photos!

Combo of Textures

The combination of glossy, matte, and velvety finishes is an outstanding nail trend of 2023. You can try applying different top coats on one or all fingers.

New Nude

During the pandemic, everyone got bored with nude shades and turned their attention to intriguing colors instead. However, classic designs don’t lose ground, but transform. This season’s most on-trend nude shade is milky white, just like the foam in your cappuccino. Milky color is just the ticket for short nails. Plus, you can easily pair it with pictures or other shades.

Pastel pink and beige are also having their moment in 2023. Natural-looking nail designs highlighting your healthy nails will also be in style.

Blue and Purple Paradise

Pantone declared Veri Peri the color of the year. No wonder it became one of the hottest 2023 nail trends. The gentle blue and purple combo is perfect for creating single-color nail art and other designs like French tips, stripes, or ombre. 

Glam 2000s

Fashion trends of the 2000s have been much sought after during previous seasons, but they are on track to become even more popular in 2023. Dreamy yet bright neon colors, flowers, smilies, and swirls will definitely be on top in the summer of 2023.

Vibrant and Intricate Nail Art

Since the pandemic outbreak, we have spent an unbearably long time locked in our homes, saving out creative energy. Now we are looking for ways to channel it, including through eye-popping nail designs. Pictures in social media prove that stylish mani designs of 2023 are becoming brighter and more and more intricate.

For example, check out these snazzy options: colorful checkered or mismatched nails.

Adorable Stickers

This nail trend also gives off the 2000s vibes, somewhat naive and childish. If you've been secretly dreaming about trying these cute stickers, take your chance and go for it!

Unusual French

Even the timeless French mani needs to be upgraded to remain on-trend. Classy French nails of 2023 feature waves, rainbows, or even simple lines.

The trends prefer French tips in the form of barely visible lines to classic wider tips. The charm of wavy French tips is that you can have a unique design on every nail. Plus, you don't have to be a pro nail artist to do such a mani at home. Finally, rainbow French tip nails are perfect for those who want to stay true to their favorite classic, but also yearn to spice things up.

Abstract Shapes

Abstract nail designs are not a novelty, but nail trends of the winter of 2023 proved that they are still on the rise. Various delicate abstract patterns on each nail are a highly desired trend of the season.

Nail Piercing

Nail piercings finally made a comeback in 2023. A piece of jewelry inserted through the hole in the free edge of a nail is the latest nail trend of this season.

Negative Space

Negative space nail art is still in fashion. Feel free to pair this technique with bold designs, for example, French tips or moon nails.

Velvety Finish

A velvety finish is a next-level nail design idea. And it's not always about a velvety top coat — fine glitter is also renowned for its deep velvety shimmering effect.

3D Details

Although not super comfy to wear, 3D nail charms are still trending in 2023. Consider some of these ideas: 3D acrylic swirls, large rhinestones, or fake pearls.

Minimalist Designs

Small pictures and stickers are a stylish must-have for fans of unusual minimalist designs. Dots in the form of stickers or made with a dotting tool or a simple toothpick will add a pop of color to single-color nails.

Animal Print

Let's go wild with animal prints! Some of the most popular nail designs of 2023 are zebra, cow, and tiger prints.

Total Black

Fans of single-color designs are turning to the dark side this season. Classic black nails, especially glossy ones, took the lead in 2023 — this look is a frequent pick of women and men alike

Matte Finish

A matte top coat is too stunning to quit the game so early. Short matte nails are having their moment in 2023. A matte effect can upgrade any design. A matte top coat transforms any coating: it gives a steel look to chrome, makes pearl pigment powder appear satin, and turns a creamy base into a velvety coating.

Delicate Lace

Lace nail art is a lovely and romantic nail trend of 2023 that can be effortlessly done with a stamping kit. A white lace design paired with a brown or beige base looks marvelous.

Galaxy Nail Designs

Cosmic motifs and swirls of distant galaxies are a knockout nail trend for this season that will stay with us the whole year. Blue, purple, pink, black, and silver shades add a touch of mystery to your nails.

The latest nail trends for 2023 are bold and impressive rather than simple and modest. Well, this is an unsurprising reaction to numerous coronavirus restrictions. However, fans of classic and nude designs will also find something to their liking. Check out nail art designs in our photo gallery and get inspired with jaw-dropping ideas!

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