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It can be extremely complicated to find the perfect silver nail design that would suit your outfit, as there is always some difficulty finding the right manicure, the one that will fit both your personality and the occasion. But it’s definitely not a problem for pro nail artists from theYou team. You can choose the design you like from an extensive photo collection on our website and book a manicure appointment in your city.

Even ordinary nail designs can look neat and stylish. And if you sprinkle it with silver rhinestones, you can refresh it or make it look more sophisticated. Fashionable nail design with silver elements will suit not only those who love trying something extravagant and new, but all the real fashion lovers. A beautiful silver manicure design can be done in a variety of styles & techniques depending on the occasion and your personal preferences.

Interesting Nail Ideas

• Leopard manicure design with silver. Use this manicure design if you want to turn into a predator at least for a while. Who would have thought that the combination of a predatory leopard print and shades of pink, yellow & lilac would look so gorgeous? Go ahead and try it!

• Pink & silver manicure design. Adding a pink pattern to silver nail art will give your manicure an exotic look. The combination of eye-catching pink shade and silver sparkles looks amazing, especially if decorated with intricate designs and patterns.

• Black color, which perfectly matches the silver shade, has been frequently noticed on the nails of fashion icons and female models.

• Pink, red and purple mixed with silver will definitely look very harmonious on the nails. A nail design like this looks fresh and trendy.

• Silver stripes applied onto mint green nail polish. Combine mint and silver shades for unique nail designs. Use mint nail polish color or silver base to add some trendy patterns like zigzags, criss-cross or floral designs.

• Silver stripes applied onto black and white nail polish is a popular and demanded design. This is the very case when you don't need a special occasion to decorate your nails in an elegant way. This kind of manicure perfectly fits into a feminine look.

• Multicolor nail design with silver is not a new thing, but still a good nail art idea, which will organically fit into your look for a special occasion and it is also appropriate for everyday wear.

• The black color shade with silver elements looks no less sophisticated on the nails, as this manicure design radiates mystery and drama.

• Blue & silver manicure design is the design that gives originality and uniqueness to the whole image. It looks elegant on any nail shape and length. Moreover, with a help of décor elements, it is possible to turn such manicure into a luxurious nail design for special occasions.

• A mixture of patterns and sequins is often used in artistic silver nail designs. The use of white and black will accentuate the design; small touches of gold will give the nails a glossy shine. Using beautiful colors such as light blue with silver glitter will give your nail design the perfect glossy look.


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