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Ideas of New Year’s Eve Nails


What manicure to choose to ring in New Year 2023? This depends only on your personal preferences. We will make you familiar with the latest trends of winter nail art and will show you over 50 ideas of the best New Year nails. Check out our gallery of works and get inspired!

Trends in New Year Nail Design


The main trend of 2023 will be minimalism. Nail art will be all about laconic designs and simple color combinations. However, it is possible to ignore these strict rules for the sake of a celebration and add some magic to gel nails in the form of shiny accents. For example, you could jazz up an ordinary French manicure.


Nail artists recommend decorating a New Year’s Eve French manicure with rhinestones, glitter, foil, or sparkling geometric patterns. Just don’t get carried away too much.

Unicorn’s Teardrop

This year’s ‘freshest’ trend that will most likely carry onto the next one is ‘a unicorn’s teardrop’. A shiny accent in the form of a drop of silver, copper, or another metal will add +100 to your festive look.

Cat Eye

Another stylish option is the cat-eye technique. Flashes, shimmer, and color transitions perfectly reflect the anticipation of the unknown in the new year.


Another technique that has something to do with color transitions is ombre. To make your New Year’s Eve ombre nails more fun, add a golden stripe or glitter.

Knitted Pattern

The ‘knitted sweater’ pattern is one of the most ‘wintery’ nail designs. It gives off warmth and coziness. This nail design can be combined with themed pictures, confetti, or rhinestones.


Another shiny element is foil. It comes in many colors, can take on various shapes, and goes well in combination with other decorative elements.


A scattering of confetti on nails resembles festive fireworks or confetti from crackers. To be in style, you can opt for matte confetti for your New Year’s Eve manicure.


Glitter is a stylish and simple way to brighten up a laid-back design. Trendy options include a French manicure with glitter, a shiny gradient, or a shimmery moon manicure.


Powder is magic dust that turns a coating into a shiny surface. A New Year’s Eve manicure with powder goes well with shiny accessories and cocktail dresses.


Of course, we should not forget about good old rhinestones. This year, stylists recommend keeping things modest, so choose small rhinestones for your New Year’s Eve nail design. Specialists also suggest considering pictures complemented by rhinestones.

New Year Nails with Pictures

Winter holidays are the perfect time for a cute manicure with pictures. Here is some popular imagery:

  • snowflakes, falling snow, frost patterns;
  • Santa Claus, reindeer, snowmen, holly, and mistletoe;
  • Christmas tree decorations, presents, socks, and hats;
  • Christmas trees and pine branches;
  • traditional red and white patterns.


Colors for New Year Nail Art

You can’t go wrong with colors from the classic palette: red, blue, white, gold, or silver. Let’s look at some of the best color combinations for New Year’s Eve:

  • Red and gold;
  • Blue and silver;
  • Black and gold/silver;
  • Red and white;
  • White and gold/silver;
  • Green and gold;
  • Purple and gold.

If you want to stick to nude tones, go for trendy shades, for example, pearly, ivory, soft pink.

New Year Manicure for Short Nails

Nail design on short nails should not be too gaudy or bulky. Feel free to choose a solid color design with several shiny accents, a moon or French manicure with glitter, discreet pictures on a couple of fingers, or a combination of textures, for example a glossy coating in combination with a matte one, a knitted or sandy texture.

New Year Manicure for Long Nails

Ladies with long nails have a vast variety of art options to choose from and can try any trendy idea. Long nails give plenty of room for combinations of various textures and accessories.

Simple Step-by-Step New Year Manicure Tutorial

You can get your simple, yet eye-catching New Year’s Eve nails done not only at a salon, but also at home. You will need:

  • nail polishes of the chosen colors
  • shiny accessories: glitter, confetti
  • themed decals and stickers
  • a small brush and a sponge

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

  1. Apply two coatings of nail polish.
  2. Add accessories, for example, use a brush or a sponge to sprinkle the nails with glitter or carefully apply stickers.
  3. Let the manicure dry and apply a transparent topcoat.

Feel free to experiment! This wonderful winter holiday is the best time for it! Now that you have explored a lot of nail art ideas, you might have already chosen what manicure you will do to ring in New Year 2023.

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