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Short New Year's Nails

Ideas for New Year's manicure for short nails: colors

For short lengths, it is recommended to choose classic shades associated with your favorite holiday:

  • white - resembles snow and is used as a basis for drawing, decorative elements;
  • red - the outfit of Santa Claus or Santa pops up in memory;
  • green - the color of coniferous branches and an elegant Christmas tree;
  • shining shades - golden, silver to create a festive mood;
  • creamy - spicy cinnamon, sweet caramel;
  • burgundy - fragrant mulled wine, warming on winter evenings;
  • blue - represents blocks of ice.

New Year's design for short nails

On a short length, there is less room for creativity on the New Year's theme, but this does not mean that you need to abandon the festive decoration. Masters offer various options for a beautiful New Year's manicure for short nails, which will look advantageous on the dance floor and at the festive table.

Shape of nails

To make a New Year's manicure look beautiful, you need to pay attention to the structure of the nails. For thin and long fingers with a narrow nail plate, any form of sawdust will work. For wide ones, it is better to choose a square or a soft square, for chubby ones - an oval shape.

With pictures

New Year's designs look beautiful on a monochromatic basis, especially stylish geometry, marble designs, drawings with New Year's attributes, a symbol of the year, dots, abstract patterns. Coniferous branches, lush snowflakes, flowers add sophistication to the image. Images of the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, snowman do not go out of fashion, prints are decorated with sparkles, rhinestones, thematic stickers are used.

With sequins, rhinestones, glitter

Shiny elements will give Christmas short nails a festive look, however, it is not recommended to use large rhinestones. They overload the fingers and make them rough. Shiny decor should be applied selectively in small quantities. Sequins can be of different colors, decorate all the plates or several, be used as details of the picture.


French manicure on a short length can be classic calm or bright, catchy. This is jewelry work, becausethat the smile line should be drawn subtly, clearly, neatly. Of the flowers for the New Year on the edge of the plates, it is better to choose golden, silver, shimmery varnishes. French manicure is supplemented with beautiful elements, some fingers can be decorated with bright thematic drawings. It is recommended to match primary colors to a festive outfit.


Lunar manicure visually stretches the shape of the plate, so it is great for short nails. For the New Year, the hole is decorated with sparkles, bright colors, silver and golden stripes are used, if desired, negative space is left, and a bright varnish is applied to the nail plate for contrast.

With different textures

The main textures in winter design are rough snow motifs, ice, marble imitation, personifying the frosty season. Cool grays, blues, blues and beige shades are used. Can be completed with silver glitter, fine stones or dark accents.

New Year's manicure is restrained, gentle, bright and bold. On a festive night, you want to become free and relaxed, so you don't need to be afraid to experiment.

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