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New Year's Eve Nail Designs

The main attributes of popular New Year’s nail design are shiny designs, patterns, shades of blue, light blue or nude colors. Explore the fresh New Year’s nail art ideas in our gallery to make a sure way to get yourself into the spotlight.

New Year’s nail design trends

Nail artists recommend to be open to experiments when it comes to choosing a festive  New Year’s manicure as well as to pay attention to unusual techniques:

  • sweater technique — an imitation of the fabric of knitted clothes. Manicure design can be created on one or more fingers;
  • combination of glitter and rhinestones. Decorative elements can be of different size and color and form a part of a certain thematic composition;
  • foil decorative elements. Nail artists use gold, silver foil, covering all nails with it or accentuating only one toe;
  • chrome powder in various shades looks expensive and elegant.

Don't forget about thematic pictures. You can draw or stick pictures of winter nature, animals, and symbols of the upcoming New Year.

New Year’s manicure ideas for long nails

Any New Year nails design goes well with elongated nail plates. The duo of matte and glossy coatings is still in. The one colored base can be complemented by rhinestones, pictures glitter, monograms, bubble and knitted designs. French manicure lovers can adorn classic nail art with silvery snowflakes — the design turns out to be delicate and fresh at the same time.

Glamorous design is easy to create with the help of special nail polishes with glitter. To use camouflage gel polish and a silver or golden chrome powder is a great idea for a New Year’s nail art. 3D pictures of people, cartoon characters, nature, and holiday attributes are gaining their popularity this season.

New Year’s manicure ideas for short nails

It's important not to overdo it when it comes to short nail manicures. When choosing a bright New Year’s nail art design, it's better to accentuate only on one or two nails. You can also use pictures, lettering, and small stones. A French manicure is in vogue this year: the neatly outlined edge of the nail plate looks well-groomed and elegant. You can complement your New Year’s nail design with unobtrusive thematic pictures, glitter, and a couple of rhinestones.

Trendy New Year’s nail colors

To choose a color for a New Year's manicure is rather challenging than easy, however, it's interesting and inspiring. For the upcoming New Year, the nail artists recommend considering the following color options.

All shades of blue

This is a bright and elegant option for a festive occasion. It's up to you how to elevate your manicure: you can adorn your nails with blue sequins, glitter, spectacular gradient or cat eye effects. All ideas are perfect.

Light blue

Light blue is a delicate color for an atmospheric New Year’s nail art. You can create a festive blue manicure that is comfortable to wear in everyday life as well. In addition, it symbolizes the element of the zodiac animal of the coming year according to the Eastern calendar — the Water Tiger.

Black and white

A simple combination of black and white looks too basic — it should be diversified with details. Nail artists pay a lot of attention to texture and shiny accents. An excellent solution for a New Year's nail design is a combination of black color with foil or a white French manicure with glitter.

You can choose a New Year's nail design right now — look through the works of the best nail artists in our gallery and book an appointment with a top-notch nail artist in your city online!


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