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Spring Pedicure

Even if you're dressed to kill in luxurious Louis Vuitton clothes, your outfit won't be perfect without a beautiful spring pedicure. Nail artists advise to adorn spring toenails brightly, decorating them with delicate patterns and creating colorful effects. Experts have prepared many spring pedicure options for this year.

Trendy Ideas

Here are the trendy ideas for designing toenails this season. Look through our photo gallery full of interesting works, study the portfolio of top-notch nail artists and choose your favorite design to inspire your next pedicure at the salon.

Moon French Pedicure

A moon French design is perfect for those who want a gentle spring pedicure. This classic design is trending all year round. Add a little zest to the image — circle the 'smile' line with silver glitter and small rhinestones.


Confetti is a type of decorative glitter. The peculiarity of this decorative element is in a variety of sizes and shapes. Uncomplicated patterns can be laid out with the help of confetti, however, balance as a key, so don't take it too far with the amount of decorative elements.


When creating a fashionable spring or summer pedicure, nail artists often go for special foil. It can enhance both nude and bright toenail designs. Silver and golden foil is particularly in demand when it comes to foil pedicure designs.

Chrome Powder

The trend of the last few seasons is pearl chrome powder. It serves to make an unobtrusive, stylish pedicure. Pastel colors of the coating are an essential part of an edgy spring toenail design. Do you want to add brightness and spring vibes to your image? Choose blue gel polish: a pearl shade will make it look truly magical.

Marble Design

This is a highly popular spring pedicure. It looks luxurious, especially when using contrasting toenail polishes. Choose a marble effect to add grace to your image.

Fashionable Spring Pedicure Colors

Bright polishes such as yellows, oranges, blues and pinks turned out to be in vogue this spring. Lovers of gentle spring pedicure can pick pastel colors.


This classic color is popular at all times. Despite its simplicity, a white pedicure is one of the most difficult toenail designs. Light polish is not only difficult to match to the shape of the toenail, but also challenging to apply: it highlights any imperfections of your nails. To create a spring pedicure design, you can combine a white base with rhinestones, silver glitter, give preference to minimalistic bright patterns, or go for a single color design.


Blue goes especially well with white and black, gold and silver. This spring pedicure comes in many shades: aquamarine, azure, cobalt are in fashion. Don't be afraid of bright colors and make your pedicure stand out!


Pink is perfect for a romantic spring design. Opt for pale pinks. This pedicure design looks impressive and expensive. Sometimes you can add rhinestones and glitter to your spring toenails as some kind of a bright accent.


In spring we're craving more vibrant hues, that's why fashion enthusiasts choose bright orange without any hesitation. You don't need to cover all your fingers with carrot-colored polish: the color goes well with gold and silver as well as white, black, pink, and blue. A matte top coat can make your spring pedicure design more interesting.


Yellow never goes out of style. Use warm colors if desired. They will look especially elegant. Cold shade lovers can cover their toenails with lemon polish. You can leave a glossy effect or apply a velvety top for your spring pedicure.

Colorful Spring Pedicure

A bright pedicure is a play of colorful contrasts. Mix different colors, add glitter, apply pictures or geometric patterns — feel free to experiment and implement new ideas. Experiment with color saturation and express your originality and individuality in the design of a spring pedicure.


Use neon colors. Jazz up the base with a matte top or glitter powder to add a velvety effect. Brightness in a spring design can be enhanced with micro-glitter, confetti, foil strips, small and large rhinestones.

Looking for a glamorous spring pedicure? Draw inspiration from spring toenail ideas on our website, find professional nail artists in your city — and you’ll be happy with your attractive, well-groomed toenails.


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