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Sea-Themed Pedicure

Summer gives many great opportunities to impress everyone with your bright outfits, airy dresses, and peep-toe shoes. If you’re going to spend your summer on the shores of the azure sea, keep reading. You’ll find out which beach pedicure is the most popular today in our article.

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Trendy Design Ideas

A French pedicure has been the most popular beach toenail design for a vacation at sea for a long time. Nail artists recommend paying attention to bright colors for a trip to the sea. Neon polishes, colorful toenails, pedicures with stickers as well as geometric and tropical patterns are more than appropriate. It's up to you to decide how bright your beach pedicure will be — experiments know no bounds!

Sea-Themed French Pedicure

If the classic French design seems too boring, you can always jazz it up by accentuating one or more toenails with rhinestones, foil, glitter, or colorful chrome powder.

In addition to the classic white color, it is important to draw the tips with delicate shades of lilac, mint, or fuchsia. Combinations of yellow and burgundy, pink and blue, red and gold are good for fashion enthusiasts who are striving for getting in the spotlight.

Beach Pedicure with Geometric Patterns

An unconventional geometric pattern can become a fashionable accent of your beach pedicure. It is easy to design as the only things you need to have at your disposal are contrasting gel polishes and thin brushes.


Themed stickers can help out a rookie nail artist. Decorative elements can come in the form of animal and floral pictures or resemble abstract drawings. As far as beauty and originality is concerned, stickers are in no way inferior to freehand paintings. You can create mesmerizing beach toenail designs with holographic stickers. Such a beach pedicure design will beautifully sparkle in the sunshine.

Colorful Toenails

A colorful coating is perfect for a beach pedicure. There are no strict rules for combining shades. You do you: let the color of your nails cheer you and people around you up.

Neon Pedicure

While adult women often choose calm shades for a beach pedicure, neon colors are the choice of young and bold girls, free from stereotypes. Bright shades of blue, pink, yellow, green can rule a one-colored pedicure design or be paired with rhinestones, stickers, or geometric patterns. The main thing is not to overdo it as neon colors are eye-catching on their own and a beach pedicure can look too much in combination with abundant decorative elements.

Tropical Design

A tropical pedicure is perfect for a seaside holiday. Exotic birds, plants, palms and fruit in bright colors are associated with southern countries, sun and holidays at the seaside. With a minimum of effort, a tropical beach pedicure can be done with stickers. Water slide decals can also serve to bring to life the most unusual ideas related to a tropical theme.


Minimalism is a trend in sea-themed toenail art. It can set different moods — romantic and mischievous, calm and restrained. A beach pedicure design can be complemented by small floral patterns, rhinestones, and confetti. A new fashionable trend of minimalistic style is the imitation of drops and strokes on a solid background.

Fashionable Color Combinations

Blue, light blue, and white are always associated with the sea. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to just these colors. Think of the sunset, greenery, and other colors. Any color combination that suits you is perfect for a beach holiday.


White looks luxurious when paired with a bronze tint of tanned skin. White means not only a classic color, but also cream, ivory, and light gray shades. The disadvantage of the coating will be the fact that polish imperfections are clearly visible on it. However, such nail art will definitely withstand a couple of weeks of vacation.

White and Blue

The combination of these colors creates a delicate and cute beach pedicure design associated with sea waves. White and blue toenails can be complemented with bright color accents. A blue and white gradient looks interesting as well. You can combine colors in moon and French designs to make your beach pedicure look unusual and fresh.


The color of luxury and sunset, the rays of which are reflected in the water. A golden beach pedicure looks boring without any extra embellishments. However, if you pair it with pictures, rhinestones, and colorful foil, you can create a unique, attractive sea-themed design.


A coating made with black toenail polish can add an effect of sauciness. Bright colors or a rhinestone pattern will surely make a beach pedicure look stylish and luxurious.

Red and Pink

These are the colors of passion, love, romance. Fresh air, cries of seagulls on the sea, huge sparkling stars in the blue-black sky. Every girl on vacation is a bit in love! Monochrome toenails and nail art, complemented by small sequins, pebbles, chrome powder, and shimmering glitter, will help to keep up this mood.

Bright Orange

There are different ways to do beach pedicures in orange. Go for a French pedicure with colorful tips, a monochrome coating, or pictures on a bright background — any of the options will help you to get energy and be in a great mood.


Rays of sunshine will bounce off a holographic coating, creating a sparkling effect. At different angles, the color of the coating will acquire a unique shade. To get a rich color, nail artists apply holographic nail polish in two layers and let it dry under the lamp after each step. If you want to achieve a soft effect, it’s enough to paint your toenails once.

When choosing a beach pedicure, it’s important that a design does not irritate, but pleases the eye and gives off positive vibes. Get inspired by amazing ideas of beach pedicures from our photo gallery. We also invite you to look for a top-notch nail artist from your city. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the professional you have been looking for so long?


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