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Pedicure without Nail Polish

A pedicure without nail polish looks natural, neat and healthy. The procedure focuses on the skin of feet, the shape of toenail, and prevention of ingrown nails.

You can find plenty of no-polish pedicure design ideas from outstanding nail-artists from all over the world in our photo gallery. We also invite you to book an appointment with your favorite nail technician near you on our website.

Peculiarities of Pedicures without Nail Polish

The trend for natural-looking nails is gaining more and more popularity. Lovers of natural looks are gradually abandoning polishes and bright designs, giving their preference to pedicures without polishes with neatly trimmed nails, polished feet, and correct anatomical shapes of the toenail plates.

Toenail art without nail polish brings out the skin of the feet. The work of pedicurists includes the following stages:

  1. removal of calluses, dead skin;
  2. treatment of cuticles;
  3. foot massage, application of oils, moisturizing creams, and activator masks.

Depending on the technique, pedicures without nail polish are classified into several types:

  • classic
  • European
  • Russian
  • spa
  • Japanese
  • mixed.

In the classic natural pedicure, after taking care of the skin of the feet, nail technicians proceed to correct the shape and length of nail plates. All manipulations are performed with disposable instruments to eliminate the risk of infection. Toenail care serves to prevent such problems as:

  • ingrown toenails;
  • fungous diseases;
  • nail deformities;
  • cracks;
  • hyperhidrosis.
  • Beauty salons provide no-polish pedicure services not only for adult people, but also for children. Children's skin is delicate and soft, so any careless movement can easily cause injuries. That's why nail artists don't use aggressive compounds, coarse abrasives, or grinding tools. They offer children herbal baths for skin care, with the nails neatly trimmed and filed.

If nail plates need additional care and strengthening, during the pedicure the nail tech can use special therapeutic formulas, selected individually, taking into account already existing problems.

A pedicure without nail polish allows you to keep your nails in perfect condition without applying any aggressive products that can damage the nail plate. No-polish pedicures are in demand among people of all ages as it provides quality care and high aesthetics.


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