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Rounded Nails

Rounded nail shape has plenty of benefits over other nail shapes, but the most surprising feature of this shape is their durability. Amooth and rounded nail tip is not easy to chip or break off, so rounded nails are just perfect for those with weak and short nails. It is also indisputable that manicure looks thousand times more attractive and gentle when done on neat rounded nails.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of decorating rounded nails with manicure designs using trendy techniques. Looking for a new nail design idea? website is your best adviser when it comes to choosing a stylish nail design for any occasion. In our large photo collection you will find tons of nail designs for rounded nails trending in 2023. Choose your favorite one and book a nail appointment in any city online.

Easy Manicure Ideas for Rounded Nails

Solid color manicure is super beautiful no matter if it's done using a bold or a neutral shade. When doing a light manicure design, nail techs recommend using the following color shades:

  • soft peach and pink tones for a more feminine look,
  • bold coral and turquoise colors for the summer season,
  • plum and burgundy are perfect for autumn,
  • glittery red shades look amazing in winter.

Adorn two or three nails with a few rhinestones, decorate them with foil or glitter. Light French manicure is a classic, so it’s a winning option whenever you need to go to work or attend a formal meeting.

Light Manicure Design Ideas:

  • pink round nails are perfect for a glamorous look;
  • matte gray nails look very soft and attract attention;
  • rounded pale pink nails look perfect combined with gold stripes and rhinestones;
  • plum-colored short round nails look gorgeous;
  • pastel pink nails with shiny stripes add some girlish hints to the image;
  • dark gray manicure with golden glitter looks extremely harmonious.

Intricate Design for Rounded Nails

Decorate your gray manicure with tiny polka dot patterns or hearts - this design will look very attractive and cute. Glitter, rhinestones and metallic shimmer can add some festiveness and make any nail design suitable for parties.

Space-inspired nail art is extremely popular. You can even do it yourself, decorating it with all kinds of geometric shapes.

Floral nails are ideal for spring and summer, or whenever you want to feel young and romantic.

If you want to get a creative nail design done, decorate your nails with animal prints: they look cute and are great for a fun time.

Complex Manicure Designs:

  • black nails with two nails of contrasting colors on different hands, with large polka dots made using gold & copper nail polish shades;
  • alternation of pink and patterned nails are worth the attention of others;
  • gray nails with white polka dot and tiny hearts for girls with a personality;
  • space-inspired nail art with chaotic black stripes;
  • natural-looking round nails with black and red geometric lines are the example of creative modern designs;
  • white nails with black polka-dot and cats.
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