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Manicure without Nail Art

If you think that plain nails are unimaginative and boring, nail artists have some good news for you. With the help of super simple techniques, a dull simplicity can turn into an astonishing splendor.

Plain Manicure Peculiarities

Plain nails, done according to the nail trends, magnetize with their elegance, modesty, and expressiveness. In this case, you can experiment with your look to your heart's content. It's up to you what kind of accessories to choose.

Such a manicure implies the absence of details, so it is essential to pay maximum attention to the preparations, namely a blameless treatment of the cuticles and the free edges of the nails. 

It's also a good idea to think about hand skin care. If your hands are ill-kept, it's time to deal with this issue. A plain nail design is not able to deflect attention from a poorly done manicure or dry reddened skin.

These are basic requirements that will upgrade your look. The only thing left is to choose the right design idea. 

Design Ideas

A plain manicure does not always imply simplicity and the use of only one color for all nails. Such a design is expressive on its own. You just need to know some techniques that will make it even more stunning.

Colorful Nails

Covering each nail with a different color might be a bold, unconventional decision. However, among an enormous variety of colors, there must be a couple of your favorite ones that you want to combine.

Natural shades of yellow, green, and deep red are trending. Young ladies, party girls, extraordinary style-lovers will definitely appreciate neon nail polishes.

You can come up with your own designs or get inspired by nail artists' portfolios.

Matte Nails

The marvelous splendor of a matte manicure is self-sufficient as you can apply single color nail polish without any decorations and be sure that you look classy.

The peculiarity of matte coatings is that every shade dazzles with its charm. Even candy pink, black, bright green, or any other ‘controversial’ color acquires a unique expressiveness in combination with a matte topcoat.

Matte And Glossy Nails

It's contrasting textures that draw desirable attention to your manicure. The duo of a velvety warmth of matte polishes and a cold luster of glossy varnishes creates an eye-popping effect. 

It is also possible to combine the two types of coating in different variations, changing the textures on each finger. Diversity is one of the options.

Fans of bright designs can consider an alternation of not only matte and glossy polishes but also different shades.

Solid Color Nails

A single-color manicure doesn't require a particular nail shape or length. Moreover, such a design will flatter every lady.

However, it's up to you what kind of manicure you want to have. Use your imagination and choose the variant that will suit your lifestyle.

  • In winter, give preference to muted colors. In summer, bright shades are in demand.
  • In spring and summer, pastel colors, delicate shades of pink, white, blue, sky, lavender, and purple are a lovely choice.
  • For the fall and winter season, choose restrained and muted shades of blue, green, burgundy, purple, black, and coffee.

As you can see, a solid color manicure is exceedingly varied. You can add your own ideas to the list above or look through manicurist's portfolios on our website. Here you can make an appointment with the nail artist whose nail designs you like.

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