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Ombre Nails 2023

Ombre nails are one of the most popular nail art trends. Solid color nail art, graphic designs, pictures, and other details do not lose their positions, but an impressive gradient is a true game-winner. Despite the simplicity of the ombre nail technique, such a mani is an absolute attention-grabber as it looks luxurious and classy.

Ombre Nails: An Unusual Mix of Versatility and Creativity

The main peculiarity of ombre nails is the ability to combine several shades at once. Moreover, you can pick two shades that are similar in tone and brightness or contrasting colors. Another name for such an outstanding technique is gradient which fully explains its essence: two colors blend and smoothly transition into each other.

One of the advantages of a chic manicure is that you can decide on color combinations and methods of shade gradation. Such versatility makes the ombre technique a universal solution for nails of any length. An ombre manicure goes nicely with daily outfits and evening dresses alike. It is only a matter of decorations.

Ombre Manicure Variations

Color transitions are made in several ways:

  • vertical ombre. Bright stripes make your nails look unusual and visually longer. You can use the most daring shades and textures;
  • diagonal ombre. It will help to create a fresh, unconventional manicure. Depending on the shades, such a design looks neat in a daily look or elegant combined with a cocktail dress;
  • horizontal ombre. It is the most common technique variation, which allows you to combine both shades of the same color palette and contrasting colors.

Ombre Nails With Gel Polish

Gel polish lasts longer compared to regular polish, keeping your nails sophisticated as long as possible. There are no limits to your imagination. You can choose any shades and designs and complement them with drawings or textured nail art.

The ombre technique with gel polish is a brilliant choice for short nails as it makes them visually longer without nail extension application.

Should You Get a Shellac Manicure?

Getting shellac nails is warranted if you use a special device - an airbrush gun - that sprays nail polish from a built-in fluid cup. 

This unusual nail art technique attracts the audience with its simplicity, low use of polish, and the ability to create barely noticeable transitions even between contrasting colors.

Another advantage of shellac ombre nails is that you can easily remove the polish if you need to change the design quickly. Moreover, it's even possible to do your nails at home. The only thing you need to do is practice on paper first, and then it is time to airbrush your nails.

Best Ombre Nail Design Ideas

As noted above, there are no restrictions on the choice of the color palette. However, if you want to get a flattering ombre manicure, you should bear in mind one rule: light colors should gradually blend into darker shades. If you want, you can add some decorations to make the nails more impressive. Sometimes, such details may become crucial elements for ombre nails.


Nails dipped in glitter are the height of fashion now. Density can be adjusted by adding more or less glitter. For this design, transparent, nude, and cream-colored polishes can be used as a base coat.

Another way to create a glitter ombre manicure is to sprinkle the nails with dry glitter from the tips to the center. Moreover, you can remove extra glitter with a brush.

Bright Colors

To create a bright, colorful manicure, you will need at least three juicy colors. Still, experienced nail artists increased this number to 4-5 shades. In addition, applying a different color to each nail or trying a vertical ombre technique would be a brilliant option. 

The most daring individuals will admire eye-catching combinations of turquoise, lemon, pink, and orange shades. If you want to get something enigmatic and mysterious, it is worth considering lilac or purple colors as a base coat blending into light, delicate tones.

Mica Powder

Another dazzling variant is chrome nails done with the help of mirror powder. Mirror-like transitions will look alluring and mind-blowing.

You can do your nails at home without spending money using a stunning combo of red gel polish and chameleon mica powder.


A French ombre manicure looks sophisticated and delicate, even if your nails are short. You can start blending colors both from the center of the nail and the lunula. Such a design looks especially splendid if the nails are oval or almond-shaped.

Here is a little tip from a nail artist. If you have square-shaped nails, it is better to use light colors. Choosing dark saturated colors will make your nails look rough.

Win-Win Color Combinations with White: Red, Black, Pink, Light Blue

A white base coat is a classic for ombre nails. Any color combined with such a base will look marvelous. However, white and red, white and pink, white and black, white and blue are the most attractive duos. Thus, the emphasis is constantly changing depending on the combo:

  1. White and black is a contrasting combination that will highlight the elegance, unique style, and modesty of your look. Everyone will keep their eyes on your impeccable manicure.
  2. The white and red duo is also attention-grabbing. To make the manicure less loud, passionate scarlet can be replaced by less saturated reds, such as coral, crimson. Plus, you can add shades of lilac.
  3. White and pink, white and light blue manicures look extremely sophisticated. Delicate nail art will suit those ladies who want to emphasize their femininity. Pink and blue color palettes are particularly common in summer as they remind of the sea, sky, and flowers.
  4. White and black ombre nails are quite an unconventional choice, which daring and confident individuals will definitely find striking. Such a design might be too flashy for a casual outfit, but it will jazz up an evening gown.

Nude Ombre Nails

Natural looks are trending not only in the beauty industry but also in the world of nail art. That is why a nude manicure and its variations, in particular French and ombre, are super popular.  

The following variants are the chicest and the classiest:

  • moon nail design combined with pastel ombre nail art;
  • colorful ombre applied to a white base coat;
  • vertical ombre nails with a change of nude shades on each nail.

Ombre nails come in plenty of variations. When playing around with different colors and shades, you can create unusual combinations for any look depending on the season, the event you are going to visit, or your mood. At home, you can start with trying the simplest ideas using only a couple of nail polishes, a sponge, and a brush. If you apply and dry gel polish in the right way, your ombre manicure will last long and please the eye.

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