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Do not deny yourself the pleasure of getting an oval nail shape done using trendy manicure techniques. Looking for some fresh ideas? is the best adviser when it comes to choosing a stylish nail look for any occasion. In our large photo collection you will find tons of photos of oval nail by pro nail technicians. Choose your favorite one and book your appointment on our website.

The oval nail shape is just timeless. It is practical and wearable. Besides, oval nails do not break off as long and sharp ones do. With designs, glitters and décor elements applied, they can look really great!

The oval nail shape is sure to look attractive on the hands of any girl. This versatile shape is suitable for both long and short nail length. Additionally, it can make your nails look much longer.

If you are still not sure which manicure will flatter your fingers best, take a closer look at the photo collection on our website to get some fresh ideas for your next nail look.

  • Black nail polish will look incredibly beautiful on oval nails.
  • Holographic oval nails are fantastic, especially in sunlight.
  • Long oval nails will attract the attention of girls who appreciate retro-inspired manicure designs.
  • Oval nails can make your fingers look longer and your manicure more delicate.
  • Dark red nails. To look glamorous, you can alternate this color with gold shade.
  • Oval nails look more natural than square-shaped nails, especially when using ombre manicure technique.
  • Wedding manicure with an unusual design is perfect for a ceremony.
  • Passionate pink nail designs will help you create a feminine look.
  • The great thing about the oval nail shape is that the nail length can vary a lot, and your nails will still look elegant and beautiful.
  • With oval green nails, you can definitely make a statement. Besides, applying décor elements onto your nails can help you create a bolder look.
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