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Multicolored Nails

Multicolored manicure is one of the hottest nail trends. Thanks to trendy techniques, various tools and sophisticated nail art options, every one of us can do a manicure of multiple color shades, which will perfectly match the clothing, makeup and even inner state and mood.

Do you want to try bright and unusual nails? The theYou team has gathered a large photo collection of multicolored nail designs just for you! Choose a nail tech from your city and book a nail appointment online.

Even a real business woman will love her new multicolored nails. Despite the fact that such nails look catchy and carefree, along with a well-chosen suit and accessories, multicolored nails are sure to become a great addition to the whole look. The main rule is the harmony between nail polish shades, clothing and overall style.

The Cutest Nail Color Combos 

Undoubtedly, it won’t be enough just to paint your nails tons of different color shades. The right combination of colors and textures of the top coat is really important. Otherwise, the nail design will look rather vulgar than stylish.

The most common design is a two-tone manicure. Before choosing a nail color, you need to make sure you know what shades are considered cold and warm, and then choose colors from the same color scheme.

When doing a classic manicure, you can combine different bright colors. For example, neon multicolored nail polish is a win-win option. If you are not sure about the color, it is better to use white, gray or black shades as a base coat, since they are in harmony with most of the shades.

The classic color combination is black and white. While it’s basically versatile and goes well with just about any shade, it still works best with red color. Pastel color shades also look very attractive.

Multicolored Nails: Design Options

  • Multicolored ombre nails - this nail design would suit a short and long nail plate. The magic of ombre nails lies in the smooth transition between color tones and semitones. This design looks super cute on nails, and suits any occasion.
  • An interesting version of an ombre nail design is a manicure where 2, 3 or even more nails of different colors are turned into a real nail art masterpiece using a sponge. For the nail look to be as catchy as possible, it is necessary to focus on nail polish of contrasting colors, for example, whitish and orange, baby blue and navy blue or green and gold.
  • Two color French nails. To accomplish this stunning nail look, multicolor glitter nail polish is applied just like in the classic version, to the tip of the nail. The only difference is the contrasting shades usage.

By the way, nail design options using different colors are very diverse. So feel free to experiment and create stunning nail looks that will become a part of a stylish and fresh image.

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