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Black Nail Designs

Black never goes out of style. It’s always in trend, fits all the clothing styles, and looks elegant and mysterious. No wonder the little black dress is a classic outfit for fancy parties, and it's no accident that Coco Chanel is promoting this colour.

Black manicure designs have many benefits:

  • Décor elements look great on a black background.
  • Black is quite an elegant colour and looks very rich.
  • Nails painted this colour will always look trendy and stylish. Jewelry made of gold and silver are in perfect harmony with black manicure. You can create beautiful contrasting patterns, white floral patterns and gold threads, add silver rhinestones, or simply sprinkle it with white glitter. Also, any bright decorations, such as mini pearls and 3D stickers will amaze others and look spectacular on nails with black manicure on.

Before you decide to paint your nails black, it's good to know that black nail polish is one of the least durable ones. Black manicure will last no more than a week. Black is ‘ruthless’. It emphasizes all the imperfections of the nail plate and the coverage itself, such as dry cuticles or uneven nail polish application.

So, keep in mind that black manicure should be done very carefully. Always use a top coat that will help it last longer.

Take a look at black nail designs on our website in a huge photo catalog of nail art by the best nail technicians from all over the world.

How often do you get a black manicure done?


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