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Having an attractive manicure done on your nails all year round is what all self-sufficient and good-looking women look forward to. Doesn’t matter if your nails are painted pastel colour shades, unusual textures, stylish geometric patterns or bold nail designs, it's time to shake it up and go for a bold colour! Keep reading to find out about the best nail art ideas for colourful manicure designs on

Colourful Manicure Designs – New Trends & Nail Ideas 

  • Summer is the time of the year when the sun is shining, and warm yet fresh breeze blows. Create a vibrant fruity cocktail with eye-catching nail shades: pink, green, red, yellow, and blue. Such bright manicure will receive as much attention as you rightfully deserve.
  • Also, during the summer season, there is a great opportunity to finally get a beautiful contrasting manicure design done. Stir the palette of colours on your nails, mix nail polishes with glitter, apply geometric decor – let the new ideas and looks work.
  • For those who have sharp, square and ballerina nail shapes, we highly recommend playing with colours, designs and decorations. Cover a few nails with holographic foil, paint your nails using ombre technique, and decorate them with rhinestones or sequins. Did you know that such manicure is a favourite design of popular celebrities and other famous people?
  • Use neon colours in your bright manicure design. Embellish the coverage with matte top coat or glitter nail powder, since they give a gorgeous velvety effect. Micro sparkles, confetti, foil, kamifubuki, tiny sequins and rhinestones will bring elegance and sophistication to a bright nail design.
  • Add drawings and themed patterns to the bright manicure design for a playful, flirty or romantic look. Today the trendiest prints for bright manicure design include cartoon teddy bears, flowers, birds, tree branches, images of palm trees and funny cacti. All of these perfectly complement and decorates a bright manicure design.

Manicure in bright colours is a popular and hot trend for 2023 season. Feel free to experiment with saturated colours, show your uniqueness and bold personality.


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