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Makeup for Blue Eyes

In fact, there’s a huge variety of makeup options for blue eyes. The young ladies who were born with this heavenly eye color seem to be extremely lucky, since they can experiment as much as they like, trying different makeup looks.

Check out the best makeup ideas for blue eye in a large photo collection of works by makeup artists from all over the world. To book the services of a specialist at, choose your favorite makeup artist from your city.

For a more expressive look, try using new shades every day. Here are some eye shadow colors that go well with blue eyes:

• bronze;

• golden;

• orange;

• peach;

• beige;

• copper;

• lavender;

• warm tones of brown.

Besides, dark blue and plum shades will enhance the color of blue eyes and make them look bigger.

Tips From Makeup Artists: 

• Keep the contrast and do not use eye shadow colors that completely match the color of the eyes.

• For blond ladies with light skin and blue eyes, it’s highly recommended to choose pink, plum and coral colors of lipstick, and it is also better not to use juicy and saturated shades.

• Use neutral colors for everyday makeup.

• Add some moderate amount of shine when applying makeup.


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