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Makeup for Green Eyes

Looking for beautiful makeup looks for green eyes? has gathered the best makeup ideas for green eyes in a large photo collection of works by makeup artists from all over the world. To book the services of a pro specialist, choose your favorite makeup artist from your city.

As a rule, green eyes look bright and mysterious even with no makeup, but still, makeup emphasizes their beauty and gives them an even more mesmerizing look.

The Best Eyeshadows for Green Eyes:

• pale yellow,

• brownish with a yellow tint,

• beige colors,

• malachite,

• shades of ivory and green leaves.

You can also use chestnut, coral, orange, brick, copper and purple shades in you makeup. Add some shine with the help of golden, green and copper tints. Green eye shadow will also fit in, but to add contrast, choose shades that are much darker or lighter than your eyes.

For everyday wear it’s recommended to use eye shadow in moderate amounts, and for an evening look it’s allowed to increase saturation.

Keep in mind that there is colored mascara, which will emphasize the iris of your green eyes, as well as refresh the whole look and make it look even more gorgeous. Brownish or grayish mascara is perfect for blondes; sky blue mascara is a nice option for the blue-eyed, and the green one is a win-win for those with green eyes.


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