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A Guide to Wedding Dress Styles & Silhouettes


It’s easy to get lost in a sea of wedding dresses. There are numerous options, and designers keep rolling out new collections every year. We have put together a guide to the most popular styles and silhouettes of wedding dresses.

Wedding Dress Styles

The style of a wedding dress should be in line with the overall concept of a wedding. The bride is the central figure of the celebration and her outfit should reflect its style.


A classic wedding dress is a toned-down, often floor-length gown with accentuated waist and without excessive decorations.


This wedding dress style features highlighted high waist and a romantic flowing skirt.


The Greek style refers to light tunics that flow in light waves and folds. Such dresses often feature golden decorative elements.


Boho is a combination of the hippie and bohemian styles. It is defined by a simple, careless silhouette, lace, and fringes. The length can vary.


Such gowns give off the vibe of the French countryside thanks to their simple silhouette, light fabrics, and occasional lavender accents.


Wedding dresses in the rustic style are usually sewn from light natural fabrics and decorated with handmade elements like lace, embroidery, embossed patterns, and even patchwork.


This style is versatile and depends on the chosen historical period. For example, dresses in the style of European royalty are made from expensive satin or silk, are richly decorated with gems and lace, and sometimes feature a train. Vintage wedding dresses can reference the 1920s, 1950s, or other stylish periods of the previous century.

New Look

These are wedding gowns with a form-fitting bodice, a shortened full skirt, and an accent on the waist. Their thick or multilayer skirt maintains the shape well and adds a touch of playfulness to the look.


Dresses in the ethnic style feature folk motifs of a certain culture that can come in the form of embroidery, a traditional silhouette, or a color scheme.


These ethnic-style dresses are inspired by a specific Asian culture and can draw inspiration, for example, from the Indian sari or the Japanese kimono.

Wedding Dress Silhouettes

A silhouette is the shape of a dress. It should be chosen with regards to the bride’s body type.

Ball Gown

This is a perfect option for those to-be-weds who want to feel themselves a beautiful princess. A tight bodice and a dramatic full skirt make for an extremely feminine silhouette that looks good on every shape and size.

High Waist

A high waistline is a specific feature of such styles as Empire and Greek. Their loose-fitting silhouette does not constrict movements and makes for a romantic look. A high-waist wedding dress visually elongates the body, hides the stomach, and gives volume to the bust.


A mermaid dress, also called a fishtail dress, hugs the body tightly and flares out at the thighs or knees. It is a perfect silhouette for the hourglass body type. It makes the bride look sexy and stunning.


Wedding dresses with a straight silhouette look laconic and lovely, highlighting the elegance of the bride. Such models make the wearer appear taller, which is why stylists recommend them to short women.


A-line gowns start flaring up softly from the waist, resembling the letter ‘A’, hence the name. The skirt is elegant and not too full. Lace A-line wedding dresses are especially popular. This silhouette is versatile and suits any body type.


This silhouette has an asymmetrical hemline that is shorter in the front and longer in the back. Such dresses are a perfect option for a bride who wants to show off her beautiful legs.

Wide Sleeves

Wedding dresses with wide sleeves look exquisite and unusual. Such an outfit will be appropriate for a church wedding as covered arms make the look more modest.


Stylists recommend choosing a pregnancy-friendly wedding dress taking into account the bride- and mom-to-be’s changing shape. Gowns in the Empire or Greek style with a high waistline are perfect for late pregnancy.

You can find more beautiful wedding dresses of different styles and silhouettes in our photo gallery. Check it out and choose the best outfit for your wedding!

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