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Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress


How can you choose a wedding dress that will simultaneously draw attention to your strengths and conceal your imperfections, while matching the concept of the wedding? We have made a compilation of rules and tips to help brides who feel overwhelmed by the variety of styles, designs, and colors available today.

Styles of Wedding Dresses

Before choosing a wedding dress, consider the theme of the event and the desired look. Take into account the season: it’s better to choose a dress with thicker fabrics that might go with a cape for fall and winter weather, while loose-fitting, airy dresses are more comfortable for the warmer seasons.

Even if you have a clear idea of your dream wedding dress, try on several different styles. The results might surprise you!

Classic Style or Princess Gown

The ballgown – a timeless classic – has a dramatic, full skirt that flares out from the waist or the hips. The silhouette of the skirt can be reinforced with hoops, crinoline, or multiple layers. A classic wedding dress often has a train.

This dress is perfect for a dream wedding ceremony inspired by movies and fairytales. It would also be appropriate for a large celebration in a vintage, retro, Victorian, or romantic style.

A-Line Dress

The silhouette of A-line dresses resembles the letter ‘A’. The skirt starts from the high waist and gradually gets fuller, creating a fragile and minimalistic silhouette. The main feature is its elegance.

This style is versatile and suitable for modest or grand ceremonies and celebrations in various styles: classic, romantic, retro, or rustic.


A mermaid dress follows the contours of the body before flaring out at the thighs or knees, which creates a silhouette resembling a fishtail, hence the name. The skirt keeps its shape thanks to a cascade of ruffles, draping, and a train. The mermaid silhouette fits different wedding styles and types of ceremony.

Straight Silhouette

A straight wedding dress has a more rectangular and elongated silhouette, without sharp transitions. Thanks to its reserved and simple look, it is appropriate for any wedding.

Empire/Greek Style

This silhouette resembles the outlines of ancient Greek statues: soft, draping lines and a high waist. It is most suitable for romantic, French, sea- or eco-themed weddings.

Short Dress

In the past, brides gravitated towards floor-length dresses. Nowadays, many choose various types of dresses, be it a short sheath dress, a full midi skirt in the Dior style, or a daring retro dress from the 1920s. Contemporary trends offer many unusual options. If you opt for a short dress, keep in mind that the shorter the skirt, the higher the neckline and the simpler the bodice. Such outfits go well with the vintage style or themed wedding parties and are a perfect option for the second day.

Convertible Wedding Dresses

These are dresses with a high-low skirt or dresses made from several separate pieces. In such models, the upper layers of the skirt, the train, or the sleeves can be removed – and the dress will be transformed into an airier and more open outfit.

Fabrics for Wedding Dresses

Fabrics for wedding dresses are divided into thick and thin, natural and synthetic. More often, a dress is made of several fabrics.

If you like dresses with a firm shape and a clear silhouette, we recommend going for thicker and firmer materials, such as:

  • satin
  • mikado
  • twill
  • gakkard
  • taffeta
  • tulle
  • hayal tulle

For a softer and lighter look, choose delicate flowing fabrics, like:

  • silk
  • chiffon
  • lace
  • guipure

If you prefer a more relaxed and casual style, go with natural materials, for example linen or cotton. They are pleasant to the touch, let the skin breathe, but get wrinkled easily.

Wedding Dresses for Different Body Types

How do you choose a dress suited to your body type? Let’s discuss the five body types and find out which one you have:

1. Hourglass. This is a figure with a thin waist and prominent bust and hips. Any silhouette flatters this body type. If you are a fan of eccentric outfits, choose a mermaid dress; it hugs the figure, accentuating all your natural curves.

2. Triangle or pear. With this shape, the shoulders are narrower than the hips. To balance them out, choose a full dress that accentuates the waist, or an A-line or empire dresses.

3. Inverted triangle. Here, the shoulders are larger and the hips relatively narrow. This body type would not benefit from straight silhouettes, low necklines, or long sleeves which call attention to the larger upper part of the torso. Full-skirted princess gowns, A-line dresses, and Greek silhouettes are perfect for this body type.

4. Rectangle. This is an athletic body type without a defined waist. Brides with a rectangle body type should pick silhouettes that place accents on the waist, bust, and hips, including A-line, ballgown, empire, or straight dresses with a wide belt.

5. Diamond. This body type is characterized by an undefined waist. It is recommended that those with a diamond silhouette choose a dress that makes the waist more prominent and the overall look more delicate. Classic and A-line gowns and Greek-style dresses with a higher waist and a flowing skirt are perfect for this.

Who to Bring Wedding Dress Shopping

Brides usually invite a female friend, sister, or their mother to accompany them wedding dress shopping. This is a sensible decision, as a companion can offer a fresh perspective, give useful advice, help to pick accessories, and assist in changing in and out of dresses.

Could you bring your husband-to-be wedding dress shopping? Why not? However, in most cases, brides want to stun their grooms on the day of the wedding and prefer to keep their look a secret until the ceremony.

You can find more wedding dress models in our catalog!

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