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Get Ready to Be Surprised! 16 Beauty Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


Stand out not only at parties, but every day! This is the message stylists and makeup artists delivered during recent fashion shows. The looks they created follow two definite themes: cheerful optimism and throwback nostalgia. Let’s see how they are manifested in nail art, hair and makeup looks of the spring and summer of 2023.


Abundance of Braids

This trend makes us remember our childhood, encouraging us to weave several braids into loose hair, braid ponytails, or pull multiple braids in a ponytail. Or you can do two braids and embellish them with ribbons or beads. Of course, everyone loves box, fishtail or french braids — and they are always in. Feel free to braid your hair to your heart’s content!


The trend for ‘blossoming’ hair is a fashionable response to our longing for bright colors and emotions during the winter and lockdowns. Fresh or fake, on their own or on hair clips, in bunches or alone — in 2023, flowers are welcome in any form!

Stacked Accessories

Flowers and floral accessories are just a warm-up. The spring/summer trends take it to the next level with pearl tiaras, various scrunchies, gem clips and barrettes. Going all out on hair accessories is one of our favorite trends.


It’s obvious that the spring summer trends of 2023 take inspiration from retro hairstyles. The fashion time machine brought back bouffants from the 60s, bobs from the 70s, and punk hairstyles from the 80s.

Bobs Everywhere

Bob haircuts ruled in 2021 and are bang on trend for 2023 as well. The trends offer pastel-colored and French-style bobs, bowl cuts, celebrities’ favorite slicked back bobs, and the trendiest of them all — choppy bobs.


Bright neon headscarves with and without ruffles and scarves worn over long straight hair are another fashion trend of the past that has made its comeback this year. As for colors, stylists recommend matching your headscarf to your colorful eyeliner, which is another spring summer trend of 2023.


Lavender Color

Pantone's color for 2023 'Veri Peri', a purplish blue hue, gave rise to numerous blues, purples and all shades in between. Pure lavender, combos with other colors, light blues and purples, matte and glossy textures, foil and kami fubuki — there will barely be enough time for us to try all possible nail designs!

Holographic Effect

Holographic pigment has found its way to the top of nail art trends in the first part of 2023. Iridescence, the mirror effect, chrome powder — these nail design elements will definitely be in vogue.


Smokey Eyes with Pops of Color

It’s official now — smokey eyes are a spring trend of 2023. Makeup artists gave the green light to smoky eyes in day makeup. Flashes of color are also very much welcome, be it colorful mascara, bright eyeliner, or a touch of colorful eyeshadow in the corner of the eye.

Creative Eyeliner

Graphic black or colorful liner, looks with retro or double eyeliner — the brighter, the better. If you’re going for colorful wings, use cream eyeliner.

Grunge Glam Lips

Bright, juicy, deeply stained lips in saturated reds and purples and with a glossy finish might be shocking, as makeup artists recommend leaving your eyes bare.

Bold Lashes

The upcoming spring/summer season welcomes the most daring effects and volume of eyelash extensions and promises not to consider any of them overwhelming. The doll-like effect is just what we need.

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Lids studded with sparkling gems are the least we can pamper ourselves with this spring. It’s enough to remember Gwen Stefani’s 1996 look to get excited about the vast variety of crystals and methods of application at our disposal. The most daring fashionistas are probably already looking for ideas.

Face as Canvas

Transfer tattoos follow bold eyelashes and rhinestones. In the spring and summer of 2023, we are encouraged to create mini works of art on the face.

Ear Makeup

The first attempt to set the fashion for ear makeup was made by the brand Cédric Charlier during the Fashion Week ten years ago. Some other famous brands followed suit — and failed as well. Finally, in 2023, models with heavily embellished ears hit the catwalk again. Silver and green were the most sought-after colors in ear makeup. We have yet to see whether this trend will truly gain steam this time. Until then, try experimenting with highlighter, which can give your auricles a nice iridescent look.

More Glitter

Glitter on cheekbones, shiny lip glosses, the wet-look finish in eye makeup, body glitter — shiny elements have taken the spring and summer trends by storm.

“Let yourself shine!” stylists and makeup artists seem to scream from catwalks. Perhaps, it’s worth listening to them and adding some bright accents to our everyday looks.

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