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Let’s Talk about Beauty: 14 Main Trends of 2023


The world seems to be ready to shift away from naturalness and simplicity, and this shows in 2023 beauty trends. Minimalism is giving way to boldness, eccentricity, and futurism. We studied looks from runways, scrolled through accounts of bloggers and celebrities, and hit up a few experts and now we are ready to share with you the main 2023 trends in makeup, hairstyles, and nail art.

Bleached Eyebrows

The rebellious spirit that was sparked by lockdowns and restrictions manifests itself in unusual and even over-the-top beauty experiments. This year’s eyebrow trends are not just about thickness and naturalness, but also about erasing them altogether. Of course, it’s not necessary to shave them off, it’s enough to bleach, lighten, or just cover them with concealer to get the look of a fashionable alien.

Makeup Stickers

The trend for stickers in makeup emerged in 2021, but it seems it has only truly started to gain steam in 2023. You can stick on everything: lashes, brows, eyeliner, temporary tattoos, and, of course, rhinestones. Shiny crystals can decorate not only the face, but also your teeth — that’s right, teeth decorations are making a comeback.

Shimmer and Glow

Glitter, shimmer, and other types of sparkling accessories will remain with us for another year. 2023 makeup trends blur the differences between festive and casual looks, allowing you to use glitter whenever you please.

Still, it’s better to keep things in hand in day-to-day looks and settle on several shiny accents. If you’re going to a party or another festive event, don’t be shy in your makeup — apply glitter to cheekbones and decorate eyelids with rhinestones.

Purples in Makeup

Soft blues and purples will be a must in fashionable makeup in 2023. Pantone’s pick of the color of the year is Very Peri. Moreover, we already know that the trend for purples will carry over into the next year, because trend forecasters at WGSN named digital lavender the color of 2023. Both these shades are subdued variations of blue and purple. They are featured not only in lipsticks and eyeshadow, but also in rouge, allowing for creating unusual, phantastic looks.

Thick Winged Eyeliner

Colorful, blended, Eastern-inspired, grunge — all types of winged eyeliner are in fashion this year. The main difference from the previous year is that you don’t have to make it thin and crisp. This year, it’s believed that thick, bold lines will give a special allure to your fashionable look.

Nude Makeup with Accented Cheeks

Enthusiasts of nude makeup can relax: it hasn’t dropped out of trends in 2023, just underwent some alterations. Makeup with an even face tone, a touch of mascara on eyelashes, and natural-looking lipstick shades has found its place among predominantly vibrant trends. The peculiarity of nude makeup this year is accented cheeks. They can be highlighted either with the help of sculpting or with gentle pink rouge.

Juicy Lips

Lip fillers are becoming an anti trend, giving way to vibrant lipstick colors to emphasize the beauty of your lips. Makeup trends in 2023 offer rich berry shades, purples, and all reds.

Rebellious Haircuts

A haircut has always been a great way to turn over a new leaf. Just remember Emma Watson who switched to a short pixie cut after the Harry Potter film series ended or Selena Gomez who surprised everyone with a stunning long bob after her breakup with Justin Bieber.

In 2023, the world consciously or unconsciously wants to bid farewell to the pandemic, so hairstyle trends have welcomed daring haircuts: shaved and colorful cuts, short mohawks, and different variations of bob and mullet.

If you’re ready for changes and want to leave the pandemic behind, hair stylists recommend getting a bob for a start. It’s flowy, messy, low-maintenance, and easy to style.

Voluminous Hairstyles

As if to balance out super short haircuts, 2023 suggests the trend for voluminous hairstyles and buns. They look especially beautiful on curly hair, highlighting its natural beauty and texture.

New Look at Accessories

The year 2023 also gives us a fresh look at accessories. They are becoming not just an element of a look, but a body part. It’s mostly about various ear and face piercings. Carefully chosen piercing and jewelry combinations create an integral look, beautiful and attractive.

Galaxy Nail Art

The world is turning from the marble effect that was in vogue in the past years to space motifs. In 2023, nail art will be flooded by space art, as if people wanted to escape from reality and leave our planet. Don’t be surprised to see space patterns in the shades of blue, pink, purple, and silver on the nails of fashionistas throughout 2023.

Toenail Designs with Rhinestones

Rhinestones, which we have already mentioned when we spoke about makeup, will also be appropriate on toenails. No toenail design that wants to be called truly fashionable won’t do without rhinestones in 2023. Just don’t take it too far and place crystals on just a couple of toenails.

Men’s Beauty Boom

The beauty industry continues reinterpreting the concept of male beauty and rolls out more and more skincare and makeup products for men. The world’s leading brands launch collections of men’s nail polish, makeup products, and other cosmetics.

Social media and celebrities actively facilitate efforts to challenge the stereotypes about men’s appearance. This year, the perception of male beauty will continue to evolve.

Skincare for Different Skin Tones

Focusing on skincare for different skin colors will become one of the key beauty trends of 2023. Many cosmetologists and dermatologists still use the outdated Fitzpatrick classification that includes only six skin tones and conduct research mainly on white skin. This is why most specialists don’t know how to take care of dark skin.

Farah Naz, the biochemist and founder of EX1 Cosmetics, in collaboration with other scientists, invented her own, much more detailed classification with 20 skin tones, which will help people choose and use skincare products better with regards to their skin color. This trend will definitely continue to gain popularity in 2023.

The beauty trends of 2023 open for us many opportunities to express our personality and create different looks, especially creative and daring ones. Visit photo galleries on our website to check out inspirational ideas of different looks!

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