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In Search of a Perfect Haircut: How to Choose it Right


How to find the right haircut for you? Hairdressers recommend choosing a cut that suits your face shape and hair texture. A well-chosen haircut can flatter your appearance, highlighting your strong features. Let’s learn how to choose a truly flattering haircut for women and men.

Best Haircuts by Face Shape

A fitting haircut is one that suits your face shape. First, let’s find out how to tell what your face shape is.

Put your hair back. Outline the reflection of your face, excluding the ears and hair, with a marker or lipstick on the mirror surface. Take a step back and look at the result. What shape do you see?


An oval face is the most balanced shape. Those of us who boast an oval face can wear almost any haircut, from a classic bob, cascading and layered cuts, to a more unusual garcon or pixie. The only haircuts we should steer clear of are the ones that create too much volume on the crown of the head, elongating the face.


If you see a circle — you have a round face. It’s slightly wider and shorter than the oval shape. This face shape will do well with haircuts that visually elongate the face, so asymmetric cuts with a side part are your go-to option. You can also tease your hair to make your face appear longer. Bangs and curls, on the other hand, will only emphasize the roundness of your face. Short haircuts will also fail to elongate the face visually.


This face shape is all about a wide forehead and jaw, a pronounced chin, sometimes prominent cheekbones, and angular features on the whole. The goal is to soften these angles, which can be achieved with an asymmetrical bob, a layered haircut, cuts with angled bangs and no straight lines. Loose straight hair can also soften the features and make the look gentler.

Inverted Triangle

If you see an inverted triangle: a face narrowing down from the wide forehead to the narrow chin, you should consider the following options — a bob with long angled bangs, a side part, or large curls. For heart-shaped faces, the trick is to create more volume at the chin level.


If you’ve drawn a rhombus, this means you have a diamond-shaped face with a narrow chin and prominent cheekbones. Consider going with soft waves on medium-length hair, thick angled bangs, or asymmetrical bob. Short haircuts are a no for such faces, better opt for haircuts that add volume.


This face shape has a wide jaw and a narrow forehead. Haircuts with more volume on top will do the trick and balance out the features. Also, keep your hair length below the jawline to avoid undesired bulkiness in this area and get thick bangs to make the forehead appear wider.


A rectangle face resembles an oval one, but with more angular features. Our goal is to soften those angles. Putting your hair back or teasing it is not in your best interest. Layered haircuts with thick bangs down to the eyebrows, voluminous styles, waves, and low buns will do the job.

Best Haircuts by Hair Texture

We recommend consulting with a specialist before choosing a haircut. Your hairdresser will take into account the thickness, structure, state, and other features of your hair before suggesting the right cut options.

Thin, weakened, and oily

Yes. Short haircuts, for example, a short bob or pixie will be the best option.

No. Tapered and layered haircuts are taboo.

Wavy, unruly, and coarse

Yes. Cascading haircuts on medium and long hair will work well.

No. Short haircuts will not be the best choice.

Dry and brittle

Yes. It’s better to choose a cut that won’t require constant styling to avoid damaging the hair more. Plus, don’t forget to get your split ends cut in time.

No. Don’t blow dry, color, or straighten your hair often.

Coarse and difficult-to-style

Yes. Layered hair will work. A pixie is one of the most practical haircuts for unruly hair.

No. A short bob, mohawk, or short asymmetrical cut will be a risky experiment.


Yes. You can wear all classic, modern, and creative haircuts that suit your face shape and hair length.

Choosing a Haircut for Men

It may seem easier to choose the right haircut for a man as the options are not so overwhelmingly numerous. Often, men have a clear task for a haircut, for example, to conceal the receding hairline or veil sticking out ears. In this case, it’s better to voice your concern to the hairdresser and entrust the choice to them. In general, the guidelines are the same: determine your face shape, take into account your hair texture — and choose accordingly.

  • A round face calls for more volume on top and styled-up bangs in combination with short hair at the sides or an asymmetric cut.
  • An oval face can rock anything. However, if we were to suggest you some options, we would name side-swept or styled back hair, short sides with volume at the top.
  • A square face can be prettily framed with haircuts with a side part and volume on top or a short cut with long bangs and longer crown hair.
  • A rectangular face works well with a buzz cut or side-swept hair.
  • The triangle face shape calls for haircuts with a side part or side-swept bangs.
  • For an inverted triangle face shape, comb the hair back or give your crown hair volume.
  • A diamond-shaped face will work great with side-swept bangs, a side part and short hair on the sides in combination with longer hair on top.

Selecting a Haircut Online

You can turn to a hair stylist or hairdresser to help you make the right choice. But there’s another way: you can use free online tools to ‘try on’ hairstyles. Just choose one, upload your photo, and start experimenting.

This method has nice advantages

  • offers a huge selection of haircuts and hairstyles
  • is free and quick
  • is safe and is, hence, perfect for experiments.

Plus, you can save and download the results and show them to your hairdresser to work something out together.

A well-chosen, flattering haircut will please the eye and bolster your confidence. Now that you’ve learned some guidelines, don’t hesitate to go get that perfect haircut for you!

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