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Haircuts for Square Faces: Ideas for Different Hair Lengths


While guys with square-shaped faces have no issues with that and are not bothered by a prominent jawline, many women don’t want that their faces looking too intense. A flattering haircut can help to round too prominent angles. Let’s find out how to find such a haircut for short, medium-length, and long hair.

Features of a Square Face

How can you tell that you have a square-shaped face? Put your hair back with a scrunchie or a headband to get it out of the way. Highlight the outlines of your face with lipstick. What geometric shape do you see?

Here are the features of a square face:

  • the low and wide forehead
  • almost the same height and width
  • the forehead is visually as wide as the cheekbones and jaw 
  • a pronounced jaw.

It’s the jaw that bothers most girls, who don’t like that it’s massive and angular. The main goal of people with square-shaped faces is to round and soften these angular features. A haircut should make the jaw visually narrower and hide the forehead.

Стрижки для квадратного лица

An interesting fact. Some celebrities that boast square faces include Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Olivia Wilde, Shailene Woodley, Demi Moore, and Demi Moore.

How to Choose the Right Haircut for a Square Face?

An appropriate haircut makes the features of a square face smooth, rounded, and well-balanced. A new haircut should turn the angled square into a soft oval.

Here are some guidelines on how to pick the right haircut for this face shape.

  • Preference is given to haircuts that can be easily given additional volume around the cheekbones and the crown of the head (especially on short hair).
  • Another suitable option is layered haircuts that can be styled in waves.
  • A classic bob is a flattering haircut for a square face.
  • Go for a side part instead of a middle one.
  • For the best effect, the hair length should be kept a little below the shoulder blades or slightly above the jawline.
  • If you have wavy or curly hair, you will certainly rock a medium-length haircut.
  • Asymmetric haircuts soften the features of a square face.

стрижки для квадратного лица

When talking about haircut options for this face shape, hairdressers often point out the retro style that is all about

  • creative hairstyles with more volume at the back of the head
  • short haircuts with bangs.

Haircuts with Bangs

This is a separate category of haircuts you should be extra careful with. An ill-picked type of bangs can make the face appear even wider.

To get a stylish look and balance out your facial features, hairdressers keep in mind the following tricks.

  1. Tapered ends help to add texture to your hair to divert attention from straight bangs that may bring out the angular features.
  2. If bangs are combined with medium-length or long hair, they are left straight. Such bangs can be styled in a way to add more volume.
  3. Thin highlights on bangs are also a flattering option for square faces.
  4. Chin-length side-swept bangs elevate the look, making it more elegant.

Don'ts of Haircuts for Square Faces

Here’s what those of us who have a square-shaped face should avoid:

  • straight bangs reaching to the eyebrows or eyes
  • chin-length hair
  • brushed back hair
  • a middle part.

A tip. If you can’t get rid of your middle part, choose a haircut with strands framing the face that you’ll be able to leave down and not tuck behind the ears.

Men’s Haircuts for Square Faces

Almost all rules on how to choose a haircut for a square face concern women’s haircuts. Many men wouldn’t want to soften the features. On the contrary, they would want to emphasize their strong jaw.

What men’s haircuts will do the job? An undercut with short hair on the sides and volume on top of the head, classic short haircuts, and cuts that allow creating side-swept hair looks.

All these haircuts work well on a square face, emphasizing the strong jaw and prominent cheekbones that many men take pride in.

A buzz cut or a completely shaved head also looks nice on men with square faces, especially if they have a receding hairline.

Women’s Haircuts for Square Faces

Haircuts for women are divided according to hair length.

Looks for Long Hair

Long hair is a go-to option for girls with a square face, especially when it’s styled in waves. Messy small curls make for an eye-catching and elegant look. Overall, messiness is in favor.

стрижки для квадратного лица

To make the look balanced and soft, get a layered or cascading haircut with the shortest strands at the chin level. If you go for a layered haircut, style it chaotically to divert attention from sharp features.

Another nice trick is to get highlights to create contrast. The strands framing the face feature the most shades. Such a haircut looks good in combination with side-swept jagged bangs.

Looks for Medium Hair

There are several popular options for medium-length hair.


This classic haircut can be easily transformed by curling the hair or creating volume at the roots.


Layered or cascading haircuts are suitable options for fair and thin hair.

Layered Lob

A layered bob can be coupled with both a side and middle part, just remember to add some volume on top of the head.


This style offers such options as a short bob, shag, and pageboy. Smooth lines soften the angular features of a square face, especially if the haircut comes with messy asymmetrical bangs.

Don’t forget about trendy hair coloring techniques that help to adjust facial features. For example, balayage, shatush, or ombre on a bob. Another flattering option is peek-a-boo highlights in the bangs or throughout the hair.

Looks for Short Hair

Women who favor practical short haircuts can smooth the angular features of their square faces with asymmetrical bangs.


Longer chopped strands create the desired volume above the cheekbone level, shifting the focus from the wide jaw.


A classic or long bob can even out the angles and highlight the cheekbones. Keep the length above the chin level to avoid bulkiness around the jawline.


This playful tomboy haircut with the French charm works perfectly on a square face.

Short haircuts look nice when paired with Asian-style choppy asymmetrical bangs.

Kids’ Haircuts for Square Faces

Children don’t usually care about their appearance that much. Until they reach puberty. Let’s look at some haircuts for square faces that can help to boost a young fashionista’s confidence.

  • Boys can rock any men’s haircut we discussed before, from classic one to the modern undercut and its variations.
  • Girls with wavy or slightly curly hair can go for a short bob with or without bangs.
  • Teenagers can rock popular modern short asymmetrical haircuts.
  • Cascading haircuts will help to give additional volume to children’s thin hair.
  • For long hair, a blunt haircut with layered strands framing the face is a go-to option.

There’s also the family look trend that can also be applied to haircuts. Imagine a mother and daughter both sporting a bob with choppy bangs. Or a father and son with the same variation of an undercut. Cute and stylish!

Summing Up

While most men have no reason to shy away from highlighting the features of a square face, many women try to create a gentler look with the help of a haircut. It’s important to make the right choice and steer clear of a middle part, chin-length hair, or thick blunt bangs. These things excluded, the choice of haircuts for a square-shaped face is wide.

Furthermore, to enhance the effect of a flattering haircut, consider experimenting with such coloring techniques as balayage, shatush, or thin highlights. If you take into account all the details of your makeover, you can not only soften the features of your square face but also create an original and unique look.

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