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22 Hair Color Trends in 2023


The simplest and most effective way to change your appearance is to dye your hair. After several hours in a styling chair, you’ll get not only a makeover, but also a great deal of self-confidence. We have compiled a list of the most beautiful and fashionable hair coloring techniques in 2023. Keep scrolling for their descriptions and photos.

2023-2024 Hair Color Trends

The global trend for natural looks continues in the beauty industry. Recent trends feature hair coloring techniques in wonderful natural colors or with transitions and half-tones.

However, 2023-2024 trends also offer eccentric and bright colors: pink, azure, dark and light blue, and red. Hair stylists suggest various looks: several highlighted strands, a contrasting back of the head, or fully colored hair with smooth or sharp transitions between colors.

There are gorgeous looks for any hair length. As always, ladies with long and medium-length hair can choose literally anything, including stretching, blonde or bright highlights, bronding, and more unusual options. However, those of us who have short hair have no shortage of options as well and can rock bright colors, trendy lightening techniques, and fashionable natural colors.


Majimèches, or French highlights, is just the thing for blondes. This is a gentle highlighting technique that uses a formula without aggressive components that contains natural wax. Majimèches is suitable for weak, dry, or thin hair. It makes the hair lighter by a couple of tones and nourishes it a bit. Keep in mind that it won’t give you a prominent cool blonde tone as it doesn’t contain such strong components.

A specialist’s tip: Highlights are usually done on long or medium-length hair. They work beautifully on cascading or layered haircuts and give the hair more volume.


Babylights imitate the look of a kid’s sun-kissed hair, with lighter ends and strands around the face. Babylights look the best on curly light brown hair.

Venetian Highlights

This is a trendy coloring technique for dark hair. Bleach is applied to the strands chaotically, with broad strokes. The hair gets lighter by just two or three tones, which creates transitions from golden to dark brown and the effect of sun-kissed hair.

This technique takes its name from a folk method of lightening hair that was popular in Venice: women applied lemon juice or another natural product to their hair and let the sun lighten the strands.

Californian Highlights

This technique resembles Venetian highlights, but for blonde hair. As a result, you get gentle sun-kissed strands as if you’ve been spending time on the beach in California.

Types of highlights


Airtouch is a modern hair coloring method with seamless blending that is an alternative to traditional highlights. A hair stylist uses a hair dryer to achieve incredibly smooth transitions from your natural hair color to the artificial one.

This technique is perfect for adding visual volume, highlighting the texture of a haircut, and concealing gray hairs. Thanks to using a hair dryer, stylists are able to create beautiful color transitions and add visual volume.

A specialist’s tip: Airtouch suits every hair color, be it fair, dark, or red. The result looks gorgeous on any hair length, so anyone can rock this look.


This technique will definitely appeal to fans of natural looks. First, a stylist backcombs the hair for a more even distribution of the dye and a more delicate effect. As a result, you get a smooth transition from dark roots to lighter ends.

A specialist’s tip: Shatush works best on dark hair as it’s less visible on fair hair.


Balayage is somewhat similar to the shatush technique, making the hair look sun-kissed. Just like with shatush, a stylist doesn’t need foil as these are free-hand techniques.

In balayage, the dye is applied with sharper strokes of a special brush. As a result, the color is vivid and blurred at the same time. Balayage looks great even on grown-out hair. Plus, it makes the hair appear more voluminous thanks to combining several close shades.


The ombre technique provides for creating smooth transitions from darker roots to lighter ends. The trendy ombre method features two or more colors, most often natural ones: chocolates, coffees, light browns, etc.

A specialist’s tip: Ombre looks more prominent on long hair. It can also be executed on medium-length hair, but the gradient will be shorter.


Sombre is a light version of ombre with a subtle color transition, which makes for a more natural look. A stylist stretches the dye along the entire hair length without coloring all the hair.

Sombre suits any hair length. The technique makes your look fresh without substantial changes. In addition, it doesn’t require frequent touch ups.


The word ‘grombre’ is a combination of ‘gray’ and ‘ombre’ and, logically, features gray and silver shades. The transition from black to gray is the most popular one. To get the desired result, the hair is bleached and then colored.

Grombre is a go-to option if you have a lot of gray hairs and have to dye your hair often. However, the unusual and elegant effect of cool grombre appeals to many ladies regardless of age.

A specialist’s tip: You can achieve a slight silvery tone in your grombre. For a vivid metallic effect, let the dye sit for longer.


Split hair is an eccentric technique that consists in parting the hair in half with a middle or side hair part and coloring the two halves in two different colors. This look became especially popular after the release of the film Cruella. A split can be done with contrasting or close colors.


This is a creative hair coloring technique, in which only the bottom layer of the hair is colored. When your hair is down, the color only slightly peeks through your natural hair color, but when you put it up this color truly shines.

This hair coloring technique suits those who want to try an unusual look, but aren’t ready for dramatic changes. Hidden bright strands are a great compromise between eccentricity and classics.


Bronding is a combination of two classic techniques: coloring and highlighting. Hair stylists pick light and dark shades that go well with your natural hair color.

A hair colorist creates a beautiful play of colors on hair or a gradual color transition from roots to ends. Bronding is often used to remedy the shortcomings of the previous hair coloring and to make short hair appear thicker.

Single-Color Hair

A classic single-color hair look becomes trendy if you go for a trending color. In 2023, they include strawberry blonde, sand, caramel, ash gray as well as rich copper red and deep chocolate.


This is a gentler alternative to single-color hair. It’s less damaging as it doesn’t contain aggressive components. The dye does not penetrate into hairs, only coating them.

Blondes can go for such fashionable shades as ash blonde, pearl, and pink. Light brown hair goes well with grays and dark brown with copper or bronze. Brunettes can rock sparkling purples and reds.


The word ‘ronze’ is a mixture of ‘red’ and ‘bronze’ as it features strands of these two colors. Ronze flatters dark hair, creating a stunning fiery effect while keeping the look natural.


This trend was started by Billie Eilish when she sported neon-green-and-black hair. This coloring technique provides for bleaching the roots and coloring them in a bright color: purple, green, blue, or pink.

Dip Dye

Dip dye hair is one of the most popular techniques of the previous year and remains in trend in 2023. This beautiful method is a sort of ombre, but with bright, sometimes even neon colors. The hair stylist’s task is to accentuate the contrast between the colors.

Dip dye looks very cool on asymmetrical haircuts. It’s much easier to work with fair hair, as dark hair has to be bleached before being colored.

Galaxy Hair

This super trendy hair coloring technique dyes the hair in the colors of the Universe. It’s done in the ombre or sombre technique, but with blue, purple, and green hues. As a result, your hair explodes with mesmerizing color transitions.


It looks like splashes of color on the hair. A hair stylist bleaches the central part of the hair to make smooth color transitions. After bleaching, the ‘splash’ is colored in a natural or bright, contrasting color.

Colorful Highlights

Experienced colorists can combine up to 15 shades on short hair and up to 20 on long hair. At the same time, such highlights don’t change your hair color drastically, only accentuate it.

Colorful highlights don’t always include bleaching. Light strands are dyed in the desired color straight away. As for dark hair, you can go for not too contrasting shades that won’t require bleaching.


This technique combines elements of balayage and babylights. It features gentle highlights of the strands framing the face and tips. The rest of the hair is colored in the balayage technique featuring many shades, which makes the hair resemble the shell of a tortoise with its chocolate, caramel, honey, and golden hues.

Hair color trends are so numerous and versatile that it won’t be hard for you to choose a cool idea that’ll suit your appearance and hair length. Check out our gallery for ideas of the trendiest hair colors of 2023 and select the one for you.

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