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Air Touch Hair Coloring

The technique is gentle, while it allows you to achieve a smooth transition between shades and provides the most natural results. Airtach is a real breakthrough in modern hairdressing, which allows you to recreate the feeling of a weightless touch of color on the curls and the most delicate multi-color overflows that give the image a unique chic and sophistication.

Airtach for different hair lengths: specific features of the technique

Airtouch dyeing is a novelty in the hair dyeing industry, which in such a short period of its existence has fallen in love with many fashionistas. The main differences of this technique from other techniques:

  • The strands for further dyeing are selected using a directed air flow.
  • This technique can be applied to any length of haircut.
  • The technique assumes the absence of sharp and pronounced transitions from one shade to another.
  • After the procedure, the hair looks well-groomed, as natural as possible.
  • The airtach technology involves the use of gentle coloring compositions, therefore the risks of injury and other negative consequences of staining are minimized.
  • The effect after visiting the salon lasts for a long time.

Airtouch hair coloring provides additional volume by applying shades of different depths. With the help of the technique, it is possible to achieve visual rejuvenation, refresh the image, and change the image. Depending on the individual characteristics of the client's appearance, the master selects several shades, with the help of which it is possible to emphasize the merits and achieve a wow effect.

Owners of any shade of hair can resort to this type of coloring: blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women, redheads. Airtach perfectly fits haircuts with and without bangs. In the presence of bangs, its individual strands are also lightened.

Four of a kind (to the shoulders)

On short haircuts, the Airtouch technique looks as natural and effective as possible. It allows you to make some changes to the image, to give the hair additional volume, while there is no radical change in the image.

Cutting bob and coloring using the Airtouch technique helps:

  • to achieve airy, light strands that will make the hairstyle light, shimmering in several colors of similar tone;
  • get rid of the boring monochromaticcolors;
  • get a beautiful ombre effect on the hair as the roots grow back.

Medium length hair

Almost all dyeing technologies look beautiful and impressive on a medium-length haircut, Airtouch is also no exception. The technique has no age restrictions, since it does not make the appearance too defiant, ridiculous. On the contrary, young girls with its help will be able to emphasize their individual style and elegance. And for older ladies, this type of staining will visually rejuvenate the look for at least 3-5 years.

With hair dyed using the airtach technology, you can create almost any hairstyle and styling. If you just blow-dry your hair, you get a voluminous, airy hairstyle. If you wind the strands on a curling iron, you will be able to achieve an iridescent effect, since several shades are provided on individual curls at once.

Long hair

On long hair, airtach looks very beautiful and unusual. Coloring looks more advantageous on straight strands. Do not worry that after the procedure the hair will deteriorate, become faded, lifeless. Firstly, when applying the coloring composition, the root zone is not affected, therefore, the risks of injury to the hair follicles are completely absent. Secondly, for the technique, exclusively gentle formulations are used, in which there are no dangerous components such as ammonia, which causes allergies and irritation.

When the hair begins to grow back, there is no need to re-apply the procedure. Thanks to the use of several shades, the curls look as natural as possible, and the color is multifaceted. Therefore, re-coloring can be done after a few months, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of long hair.

Coloring airtouch for dark hair

On dark hair, this technique provides a beautiful embossed pattern. If you are not thick enough, the technology will allow you to create additional volume. In the process of lightening, soft overflows are created, while there are no abrupt transitions from dark to light shades. Growing hair does not need to be tinted regularly, as the root zone is not affected.

Airtach for light brown hair

On light brown hair, Airtouch coloring looks very stylish and harmonious. Using the technique, you can get rid ofgray hair, refresh the image, give it some zest and lightness. The result on light brown curls, with proper care, lasts for six months. The growing roots are absolutely invisible against the background of light length. Through the use of several similar shades, it will be possible to achieve additional volume, emphasize the advantages and noticeably refresh the image.

Airtouch coloring is a relief lightening that suits almost any haircut and hair color. To carry out this type of staining requires the qualifications and experience of specialists. On the website, you can familiarize yourself with the work of hairdressers from all over the world and choose the most suitable option for yourself. With us you will always be aware of the latest novelties and fashion trends in the beauty industry.

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