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White Tattoos

Small white tattoos

Small white tattoos attract women and men. The best solution will be sketches with a clear drawing of lines and contours, so that over time the drawing does not "float". Suitable places for applying miniature tattoos are fingers, wrist, area behind the ear, neck.

Popular ideas

White tattoos look graceful, gentle. Drawings of flowers, animals, mandalas, lace, geometric abstraction look especially good. Check out the best white tattoos of the season.


Inscriptions on the body are a common choice among fans of white tattoos. As a rule, philosophical sayings, the names of loved ones, significant dates are left on the body. The inscriptions are made in clear, dense lines so that they are readable.

With flowers

Tattoos with flower plots look good on a woman's body. The traditional sketch remains a rose, which symbolizes love and tenderness. Alternatively, you can stuff lotus buds, peony, lily, clover leaves on the body.

With animals

People often associate themselves with the images of animals, so they prefer them in the form of body jewelry. Men like strong predators like wolf, lion, bear. Girls prefer graceful cats, panthers, foxes.

Common Application Sites

White tattoos are not very noticeable - they are often done on open areas of the body. White ink tattoos are stuffed on the arm, shoulder, neck, chest, ankle. Small drawings are placed on the fingers.


Minimalistic patterns, ornaments, geometric shapes, inscriptions, images of marine life look interesting on the front and back of the neck. Another beautiful idea is the image of intertwined snakes just below the back of the head.


The most common female body part for a white tattoo is the wrist. Plants, feathers, butterflies, snowflakes, geometric shapes are depicted here. Men often leave inscriptions on their wrists.


The forearm will be a good place for applying a light tattoo. More voluminous images are placed here. Men choose images of animals, women are mysteriousmandalas.

Female sketches

Women often prefer patterns, oriental mandalas. Sketchy images of birds, animals, insects in the style of minimalism are popular. Mini-images on a marine theme: lighthouse, anchor, marine life - are traditionally placed on the wrist, neck.

The tattoo, made with white pigment, is ideal for dark-skinned girls. White tattoo looks less impressive on light skin.

Men's tattoos

Male versions of white drawings are complex geometric patterns, animal tracks, details of mechanisms, a compass, a skull, hieroglyphs.

In our catalog you will find real photos of white tattoos from artists from all over the world. Choose a suitable sketch and a master from your city who will fulfill your plans with dignity.

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