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Toe Nail Art

A present-day pedicure is all about creativity and abundance of details. You can find all new, unusual, and simple toenail art designs on

Fresh pedicure nail art in 2022 turned out to be surprising and striking. Classic variants include single-color or French toenail art, glitter, and rhinestones. The pickiest fashion-lovers will appreciate a velvet finish, geometric pedicure art, and prints.


There are many ways to jazz up a classic French pedicure, such as applying sparkling glitter or decorating the lunula with shimmering crystals. Apart from a traditional nude base combined with white tips, professional nail artists suggest trying colorful variants.

Glitter Pedicure

You can get shiny feet nail art with the help of kami fubuki, glitter, and rhinestones. Manicurists like to combine modest nude or bright coatings and shiny decorations. The most trendy pedicure design is solid color nails complemented by shimmering foil. Transfer foil will create festive vibes, foil strips will add elegance, and iridescent foil will make the whole look impressive.

Geometric Nail Art

Professionals are able to create exquisite patterns with the help of lines, dots, and geometric shapes. They can draw them themselves or apply stickers to nails. Spider gel is ideal for creating whimsical foot nail designs.

Pedicure with Rhinestones

Toenails with rhinestones go perfectly with business attire and summer party dresses. Decorate the lunula with diamonds, lay out rhinestones in the form of a crown, strips, etc. You can use tiny crystals to create detailed, life-like images.

Pedicure with Pictures

Colorful pictures have become an integral part of foot nail art. A summer design suggests painting an orange slice. A winter pedicure will look amazing, complemented by Christmas-themed images. Fall toenail art implies yellow leaves pictures, and a spring pedi is renowned for its flower motifs.

Bright Toe Nail Art

Bright designs will boost your energy and lift your spirits. They are perfect for a summer pedicure. A color block technique will make your toenails look stunning. Plus, you can also combine several neon colors of nail polish for toes at once. Another brilliant option is abstract or floral pedicure styles.

Delicate Pedicure Nail Art Designs

With the help of pastel colors like beige, lilac, magenta, and cream white, you can create a truly sophisticated toenail design. Decorate your big toe with rhinestones, tiny sequins, foil, or a simple picture. Get your other toe nails painted with a single shade, and you'll get a splendid, charming pedicure design.

Matte Toe Nail Art Ideas

Judging by our photo gallery, a matte pedicure design is the best option for 2022. A muted velvety coating combined with rhinestones looks awe-inspiring. Ombre toenails complemented by a matte top coat are also among stunning toe nail design ideas. It's better to choose bright neon colors as they are set to become trendy in the coming season.

Keep in mind that too many decorations in a toenail design will make the whole look flashy. Opt for simple pedicure designs on our website, check out experienced nail artists, and make an appointment with the best specialist in your area.