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A wedding manicure is an essential part of a beautiful and unique bridal look. Your nails will be in the spotlight during the whole ceremony – starting from a ring exchange at the registry office to photoshoots to the celebration party, and so on. In the pictures below there are the hottest wedding nail ideas 2023 that nail arists will reproduce for you.

Bridal French Manicure

It’s a sure thing that the hands and nails of the bride should be well-manicured and look absolutely perfect. In case the bride wants something apart from a simple one-color design on her nails, it’s crucial for her to be aware of what’s trending this year. The hottest trend of the season is a french manicure on medium and short nails. you can get your french nail extensions in any salon, but remember that ultra-long ‘claw’ shape isn’t relevant anymore. Bridal manicure should look neat, well-buffed, and painted in feminine matte shades.

Wedding Nail Design 

Stylin’ lace nail art would be a nice addition for a wedding dress made of soft & fluid fabrics with guipure inserts, hand embroidery or jewelry elements. The most relevant are snow-white patterns applied onto the pink polish, as well as milk and beige shades.

If you’re keen on voluminous nail art, you can choose to impress the groom and the guests with a chic manicure using real intricate lace combined with tiny rhinestones or pearls. But it’s better to let your manucurist deal with such magnificent and complex design so that you can make sure your holiday ideas are embodied neatly, thoughtfully and stylishly. After all, even the simplest patterns are sometimes hard to apply without any proper experience and skills.

Catchy Nails Are a Bride’s Best Choice! 

Traditionally, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about wedding manicure are some pastel shades. However, more and more young people are now experimenting with dresses and choosing extraordinary cuts & colors. Catchy and colorful bridal nails became a real 2023 trend. Notably, bright colors look amazing on the nails of medium length.

The latest thing is red shellac and its shades: burgundy, strawberry, scarlet, wine, etc. Perfectly smooth glossy finish – and no extra details. Such wedding manicure is characterized by modest elegance and creativity at the same time, and it goes well with outfits of non-traditional colors.

Precious Metals are Back Again

Nail polish of metallic shades, that left the top trends for some time, is back in fashion, including the wedding manicure. Gold and silver would match any outfit perfectly. The only restriction is not to overload your look with real metals. 

If the bride’s nails are designed using golden or silver shades, then massive baroque necklaces, bracelets and chains should be abandoned. All you need is a wedding ring on your finger and a refine diadem in your hair.


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