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Christmas Nails

If you are looking forward to holidays and want to create a festive mood, getting nails for Christmas is the best solution. You can find stunning nail techniques, trends, and ideas on

Christmas manicure: Popular techniques and design ideas

Nail artists suggest trying shimmering gel polishes and glittering designs. Foil, Christmas-themed pictures, and 3D details are the most popular decorative elements when it comes to manicures for Christmas. Let's take a look at the most classy Christmas manicure ideas.

Moon and French designs

For a French manicure, choose any color that has festive and dreamy vibes. Burgundy and pink shades will make a half moon nail design look unusual.

Negative Space

Negative space is a minimalistic design that allows your imagination to run wild. On Christmas Eve, negative space manicure is done with burgundy and gold colors. If you want to make cute Christmas nails, add some tiny rhinestones or 3D gems.


If you want to get pretty Christmas nails, use matte black polish as a base and attach a few small pieces of gold foil to your nails. A pastel base coat complemented by foil will create a romantic, delicate look. Bold individuals opt for a full foil transfer on the nail plates. Such a design is a brilliant option for creating a Christmas manicure.


Christmas-themed nail designs are very diverse as you can use a whole bunch of decorative elements like pictures of animals, snowflakes, Christmas trees, twigs, stars, etc. However, keep in mind that your fancy Christmas nails shouldn't be too loud.

Xmas nail designs for long nails

Make a Christmas manicure chic with the help of classic French tips. Cover your nails with matte polish and adorn the tips with chameleon pigment. Long nails allow you to use sequins in the form of stars or circles. In addition, you can jazz up your mani with rhinestones, foil, and glitter. A checkered print is a classy Xmas nail art idea.

Cute Christmas nail art ideas for short nails

When it comes to a manicure for short nails, go easy on design elements. Nails in knitted technique are perfect for Christmas holidays. For such a design, you can use pastel shades, or you can also try red polish. Another popular winter design is snowflakes. They look marvelous on a blue base. Plus, you can get an aesthetic Christmas manicure with the help of combining a single-color design with pieces of shimmering foil and a couple of colorful rhinestones.

Be ready for the holidays in advance! Check out our nail artists' portfolios, choose your perfect nails for Christmas in 2023, and make an appointment with an experienced nail artist in your area!