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Gold Manicure Design

Gold nails in themselves are a very expressive detail of the image that rarely needs any additions and decorations. But the trends of this season completely cross out all the restrictions and give the go-ahead for a variety of experiments and creative solutions.


Gold french nails no longer look like a base and a smile. Today it is:

  • textures. It is recommended to make a gold base with a variety of embossing - with imitation of leather, stains and monograms. The clean lines of the white stripe along the edge of the nail act as a "balancer" - they balance the rich golden texture, emphasize it and at the same time keep the entire nail art within the framework of the classic jacket;
  • combinations of matte and gloss. Matte gold and glossy white, red or any other varnish create incredible visuals. Depending on the chosen palette, it can be either vintage antiquity or pastoral of Provence, or gothic or steamp-punk;
  • mirror shine. Alternating different techniques on different fingers is a very good solution. A classic jacket mixed with mirror-gold nails becomes especially expressive and luxurious.


Minimalist nail art in gold shades fits perfectly into the style of aristocratic luxury, when gold plays the role of an accent, emphasizing your subtle sense of style and high status. Modern trends offer the following solutions.


Such a pattern is not striking, but it plays well in the light and adds brightness to the nail design. Gold foil can be used to marble the entire area of ​​one of your nails, or to make small marble fragments on multiple nails.


Spider web, cage, lattice, abstraction - you are free to choose any unobtrusive geometric pattern. But it is enough to emphasize its contours with gold, and everything becomes different - instead of a "boring" manicure, a work of art appears on your nails. Even the laconic gold strip in the middle of the nail makes the manicure look special.


Two finishes are enough - gold and tinted to create a minimalist nail art that looks unique. Gold is excellentlooks paired with all dark shades of red, with royal blue, velvet black. Particularly impressive are the duets in which gold is combined with a velor coating of a different color.

Gold manicure combined with trendy colors

Depending on the color that will accompany the golden manicure, you can set the mood for the nail design and complement it with one or another decor.


White and gold is a classic combination for wedding nail art, to create a romantic look or any event manicure, the purpose of which is to emphasize and express your femininity and grace. Such nail art can be supplemented with rhinestones, broths, laconic painting.


Red manicure with gold is one of the most impressive combinations. But it is important to feel the shades and follow a simple rule: the darker the red, the lighter the gold should be. And vice versa. This will allow you to successfully beat and express both colors, and will not allow them to drown out each other. It is also necessary to decorate such a nail design with knowledge of the matter, so as not to cross the fine line separating expression, sensuality and shocking from bad manners. For this duo, you can pick up matte broths or tinted crystals that set the texture. Transparent rhinestones will look good on dark shades of red and gold designs.


Perhaps the most luxurious and aristocratic manicure, with which you can realize a variety of ideas. Among the most trending options:

  • black base with loose gold glitter coating;
  • gold stains on a black background in cat-eye technique;
  • combination of mirror gold and velor black finish;
  • moon manicure in different versions - gold moon and black base coat and vice versa: black moon and gold base;
  • jacket - black base and golden smile, and much more.


Classic pink is a thing of the past. Aged colors are in trend - dry pink lavender, ash rose, powdery shades. When combined with gold, they have a powerful effect - romantic and elegant at the same time.

For connoisseurs of minimalism, you can combine both coatings, for example,do a manicure with a rose gold rub. For nail art, in which both shades of varnish play independent roles, you should select deep tones of pink, and make the gold coating textured or decorate the border of flowers. It can be dark rhinestones, transparent or matte pink broths - any decoration that can set a neat contrast.


Bordeaux is a royal color. Naturally, gold matches perfectly with it. But it is important to remember that both colors are very self-sufficient and do not tolerate excesses. Therefore, it is better to use a burgundy coating as a base on which glitters are applied using the gradient technique. Or, using gold foil or painting, you can draw a heraldic symbol, which will make the royal charm of nail art even brighter and more expressive.

For a burgundy manicure with gold, an unobtrusive geometric painting, cobweb, mosaic effect are perfect.


Beige can be called a fairly neutral color, so gold will perfectly play the role of an expressive detail. This combination of colors allows you to remove most of the restrictions - acrylic modeling, broken glass effect, marble, embossing are allowed. Choose according to the event for which the nail art is intended and the image you want to emphasize.

The "cat's eye" technique, made in pink and gold tones, looks original. Such a manicure will be the perfect solution for a daily, but bright look and a romantic-delicate detail of the evening style.

Exciting, inspiring, defiant or aristocratic - a manicure with gold never goes unnoticed. And if you see "your" nail art in it, on this page you can familiarize yourself with the works of the best masters and choose gold that does not just shine, but shines!

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