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A classy elegance of matte nail designs is perfect for both young girls and middle-aged ladies. Such a manicure highlights the tenderness of your skin. If you are searching for stylish matte nails ideas, we suggest exploring our guide to the world of fashion trends. We promise you'll love it!






Matte Neon Nails 

Are you tired of glossy neon coatings? Do not rush to deprive yourself of bright and happy colors. Try a trendy, sophisticated matte manicure in neon shades. Here are some popular variants:

  • single-color coatings; 
  • combos of glossy and matte topcoats;
  • neon French, lunar, gradient, color block nails;
  • drawings, patterns, shiny decorations (mirror powder, rhinestones, foil). 

An extremely trendy velvety finish upgrades your neon manicure, but you shouldn't forget about your nail care routine: get rid of hangnails, roughened skin, dry cuticles.

Matte Nail Designs

Nail art remains at the forefront of the fashion industry. The usage of matte top coats makes a manicure even more impressive. In addition, drawings, unusual prints, and delicate patterns will create intriguing vibes. However, the most important thing about matte nails is that muted colors breathe new life into all relevant nail techniques, such as ombre, French manicure, and nail decoration.


A blending of glossy colors gradually gives way to muted, calm ombre variations. Matte gradient nails will highlight your tenderness and add charm to your look. Geometric and floral nail art goes nicely with matte coatings. Adding a little bit of glitter (rhinestones, pixie crystals, sequins) refreshes the look.


Look at this classic from a new angle! If you are tired of a traditional French manicure, you can jazz it up with the help of pastel, nude, or saturated shades. French tips covered with a matte topcoat look especially extraordinary. Plus, you could also add minimalist nail art, stickers, prints, a scattering of decorations like rhinestones, bubbles, kami fubuki (sequins).


Gemstones are a must-have all year round. The combination of sparkling rhinestones, pixie crystals, shiny bubbles and a matte finish looks stunning on every lady's hands. In the daytime, you see a sophisticated manicure that complements a casual outfit. In the evening, such a manicure becomes a marvelous addition to your party dress. Isn't it a perfect variant for any occasion?

Matte Manicure For Short And Long Nails 

The main aspect you should consider before doing a matte manicure is that the absence of luster makes you focus on colors. It means that a chosen shade becomes more lively. Thus, matte coatings go together with both short and long nails.

Let's touch upon the most common myths about matte nails. 

  1. Matte nails don't last long. You can have a matte manicure for as long as a glossy one. Experienced nail technicians note that nail tips longer than 3mm get damaged more quickly due to household chores. Therefore, short nails are not a disadvantage but a proof of your neatness.
  2. Matte nails chip away more easily than glossy ones. Tiny cracks or scuff marks appear both on matte and glossy coatings, regardless of the size of the free edge.
  3. It's hardly possible to spoil a matte manicure with shiny decorations. Finding a balance between simplicity and excessive decor is a difficult task, especially on long nails.

We've prepared the best matte nails ideas depending on nail length. Get inspired to create your own matchless manicure.  

Short Nails

Keep in mind that if you have short nails, it doesn't mean that you cannot try various techniques and decorations. A trendy matte manicure may be complemented with such techniques as gradient, geometry, stencils, inscriptions, drawings, stamping. Little scatterings of rhinestones, pixie crystals, half-round pearls, bubbles, or confetti will make short nails genuinely unique. Avoid using large patterns and too muted nude shades.

Long Nails

A matte manicure is a lovely way to highlight the elegant beauty of long nails. Single color matte coatings, French nail design, negative space, color block, or textured nail art will look amazing on your nails. The contrast of glossy and matte textures, floral nail art, and animal prints will add uniqueness to your manicure. Don't forget about a touch of sparkle in the form of rhinestones, kami fubuki, foil, glitter.

Trending Nail Colors 

The color palette of matte topcoats comprises more than 130 marvelous colors, including pastel, nude, saturated, and neon shades. Such an amount of tones is more than enough for an imaginative nail artist. However, five basic tones top the color palette.


The velvety texture of matte coatings softens the color of passion, making it calm and restrained. Berry and scarlet shades combined with complementary white, beige, black, gold, silver tones create a dazzling effect. A minimal set of decorations like rhinestones, beads, confetti, drawings, geometric patterns, laces, spider-gel will make your nails extremely dainty.


A matte black nail polish looks amazing on its own. Solid color, French, lunar, or negative space nails will astonish even the pickiest fashionistas. A manicure looks distinctly sophisticated if done with different topcoats or complemented with acrylic powder, rhinestones, glitter, drawings, inscriptions, prints, beads.


A white matte manicure is impeccable. Delicate monochrome nails go nicely with all outfits, such as casual, urban, ethnic, office, and evening. In addition, a white nail base coat is the best choice for exceptional designs. Experienced nail technicians apply all possible techniques and decorations like drawings, patterns, geometry, gradient, stickers, sequins.


Nude shades look calm, so they are in high demand among charming young ladies and graceful middle-aged women. Matte beige coatings match any nail shape. Moreover, they highlight the delicacy of your hands. If you add a little contrast, joyful geometry, exquisite patterns, or sequins, the manicure will turn into a masterpiece as if by magic. The alternation of glossy and matte coatings combined with contrasting tones and shiny decorations creates an extraordinary chic vibe.