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Red Nails With Rhinestones

Red manicure design with rhinestones is a good option for confident girls who love to shine. Brightness, passion and boldness border on femininity and a little bit of romance. The fact is that red has a huge variety of shades; you can choose either dark or light tones when choosing and complementing the final image.

So, as all of us already know, red manicure design decorated with rhinestones always draws attention and differs from other nail designs because of its exceptional eccentricity.

Fashion Trends for Red Manicure Designs with Rhinestones

  • Glossy monochromatic manicure. There’s beauty in simplicity! To get your nails to look stunning, you don’t have use lots of various decorations at a time. Red manicure design with rhinestones on a ring finger looks bright and impressive, which draws the attention of others.
  • Matte finish. Matte top coat can make any manicure look original, despite the fact that this design is loved by millions of fashion lovers and used quite often. Again, there is still room for imagination, especially if you’re planning to decorate your ring fingers with rhinestones.

Trend Red Manicure Designs 2023

Velvet manicure design is a great idea! Specialized velvet sand is applied to the nails, making them look like real velvet. With its help, a range of voluminous patterns can be created on nails, and the effect is fluffy and unusual. For such manicure, it would be enough to apply a couple of colourful rhinestones onto 1 or 2 nails in order to make the manicure more festive.

There is a huge photo collection of works by experienced nail artists available on website, so feel free to find a nail technician in your city and book your nail appointment.


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