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Matte Burgundy Nails

Burgundy shades are a practical and classy choice for a modern woman. Thanks to its versatility, this color will effectively match an everyday outfit and a special occasion dress. This ripe cherry color looks impeccable both on long and short nails.

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Matte Burgundy Nail Design

You can upgrade a stunning and impressive matte manicure with the help of accessories. Paint glossy polka dots on a velvet coating. In addition, you can also complement a rich color with glitter, crushed crystals, or rhinestones. You could also, for example, add an original painting like golden leaves to a velvet base.


Playful and flirty girls will appreciate it if the lunula is highlighted with the help of a triangle or heart. The lunula covered with glitter or sequins will suit restrained ladies. You can also cover the lunula with transparent polish and decorate it with a line, lace pattern, or swirls.


A bright French manicure always looks sophisticated and hot. If you use transparent or light pink varnish as the main color and make the tips of the nails colorful, your fingers will seem visually longer. Another unusual variant is to cover the entire nail with a matte top coat, leaving the tips glossy.


Beloved by everyone, rhinestones help to dilute saturated shades. You can decorate the lunulas or the tips with gems. You can also use them to lay out a geometric pattern. In addition, nail artists often add crystals to stickers. Such a design will look exceedingly marvelous in winter.


Burgundy goes perfectly well with gold, silver and red glitter. A single-color design with an accent on the ring finger will be a win-win option. You can use sequins, glitter, or mica powder can be used as an accent.

A bright design is a worthy choice for your nails. Make sure that a nail technician prepares your nails properly. Otherwise, burgundy will highlight all the flaws.

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