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Makeup with Glitter

An ordinary day is sure to become a little bit more romantic if you go for decorating your makeup with shiny sparkles. Take a look at the photos of gorgeous makeup looks by makeup artists from all over the world on our website. You can do your makeup at home or book an appointment with a makeup artist from your city.

Glitter always transforms any makeup into a night-out look, boldly bringing sparkling effect and luxury. When doing makeup, makeup artists usually apply glitter, shimmer, rhinestones, sequins, gold, often in really large amounts. By the way, some of the shiny particles can be included in eye shadow, highlighter and other makeup products. There is also eye shimmer that professional makeup artists use to make it look even more gorgeous.

Glitter Makeup Tips:

• the shade of glitter should be suitable for the eye color;

• makeup with glitter should not look too flashy;

• glitter makeup will look great at a party or on a catwalk, but is not really appropriate for daily wear.

Every year, glittery makeup is becoming more and more popular. With its help, you can not only try various makeup looks, but even cosplay and create brand new makeup techniques.


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