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Makeup for Brown Eyes

With the right makeup for brown eyes, you can create expressive eyes and the sexy look of a femme fatale. Certain colors can help make your eyes look more attractive than they really are. In particular, shades of colored eyeshadow for brown eyes - from amethyst to bronze, from rust to turquoise - can work wonders for bringing out the beauty of the brown iris. has collected a catalog of works with photos, which are presented by experienced makeup artists from all over the world. Looking through photos with makeup, you can not only assess the level of professionalism, but also make an appointment with a master from your city.

Fashionable shades of eyeshadow for brown-eyed girls

  • Amethyst.

Makeup for brown eyes in shades of amethyst looks great. Just think of the possibilities offered by the purple palette: from cold and deep eggplant to pale lilac. Moreover, due to the contrast of purple and brown colors, the eye will look many times brighter. Use purple eyeshadow for brown eyes, or make them subtle with purple eyeliner.

  • Bronze.

Bronze is a versatile shade for eye makeup. It is ideal for adding volume to the eyes. Surprisingly, the eyes with bronze shadows do not look overly painted. This is the peculiarity of bronze - it belongs to natural colors, with a slight hint of metallic glamor.

  • Deep blue

Deep blue is the best choice for brown eyes. Revitalizing dark brown eyes with a rich cobalt blue eyeshadow enhances the natural beauty of the iris and enhances the look.

  • Gold.

Smokey ice makeup with a golden accent on the eyelids will highlight the natural shine of brown eyes. They can be made even more beautiful by drawing a golden line on the outer corner.

  • Dark blue.

While some may doubt that a dark shade goes well with brown eyes, it really is a winning option for brown.

  • Red (rusty).

Warm reddish-brown shades are another alternative that deserves the attention of brown-eyed girls. A reddish shade (close to rusty) will revive the image, it willa win-win solution.

  • Blue.

Want to take contrast to the next level? Trace the waterline in turquoise and apply the same shade of eyeshadow. This vibrant color will go perfectly with dark brown eyes. You will be able to create an image that is sure to attract the attention of others.

Stylists recommend brown-eyed girls to complement the look by applying purple mascara to add depth and appeal to the look.

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