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Most women would like to leave pastel blue shadows in the past. After all, the time has come to place bright accents in makeup. He attracts the attention of others, makes him stand out from the crowd. Bright makeup is immediately visible, especially in daylight. As a rule, it is appropriate for brave and self-confident girls. However, there are ways to apply bright eye makeup and look perfect and fresh, even heading to a social event.

An extensive collection of bright makeup awaits you on the pages of We offer not only a selection of the best works from makeup artists from all over the world, but also provide an opportunity to find a master from your city to sign up.

Bright eye makeup that will add color to your life

  • Yellow as the sun. Use neon yellow with dark plum for a vibrant and perfect color contrast.
  • Sunset. For those who like to play with shadows, beauticians suggest copying a gorgeous sunset on the upper eyelid: orange harmonizes perfectly with yellow and pink shades.
  • Electric blue. Feel free to use blue and blue eyeliner on the upper and lower eyelids to make your eyes look bright like an electric shock.
  • Move the arrows in turquoise and emerald green - such a bright makeup will impress any fashionista.
  • Hot tropics. Do you know what the "trick" of this makeup is? Blending a bright neon blue eyeliner on the border of the lower eyelid will make you feel like you're on holiday in a hot tropics.
  • Puppet. Exaggerate all facial features. Highlight the eyes, lips, cheekbones for the perfect beauty makeup, like a stylish Barbie doll.
  • Cat's eye. Bring vibrant cat-eye makeup to life. When drawing arrows, draw out a long thin ponytail using colorful neon colors. By the way, the hot pink neon cat-eye makeup is perfect with the same bright eyelashes.
  • Fire lightning. Bright yellow shimmering shadows above the black arrows will brighten up your day. Such a bright image will definitely be appreciated at a themed and glamorous party.
  • White with pink. White will help make bright makeup a hit at any party. For a truly lively look, blend white in the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Rainbow. Multi-colored makeup turns out amazingeffect thanks to the interconnected color palette.
  • Orange eyeliner will make them look as expressive as possible. Your eyes will become the center of attention, even with minimal makeup on the rest of your face.
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