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Short Hairstyles for School

Modern school hairstyles for short hair can look pretty and stylish. It is worth mentioning that it’s not difficult to do children’s hair. It’s enough to practice for a couple of times to become good at it. We have compiled for you the most interesting hairstyles that can help young girls look stylish at school every day.

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There are strict rules regarding the appearance of school students. In addition to school uniforms and comfortable shoes, special attention is paid to hair styling. No matter how long the hair is, your hairstyle should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable, so that it doesn’t cause discomfort during the day. This is necessary for the child to concentrate on studying and feel comfortable.

Usually, there are two types of school hairstyles for short hair:

  1. for a special occasion;
  2. for everyday wear.

In order to do your hair for a special occasion it’s not necessary to come up with complex shapes and designs. You can do casual hairstyles that the child is already used to and jazz them up with various decor elements if aim for a more festive look, for example:

  • bows;
  • headbands;
  • scarfs;
  • rubber bands with decor elements;
  • hair clips, etc.

Cool Double Buns

Buns are a cute and stylish hairstyle for girls, the main advantage of which is that it’s very comfortable. Such a hairstyle doesn’t take a lot of time to recreate, but it will definitely make you look great all day long.

Hair buns are considered to be a hairstyle for everyday wear. However, if they are decorated with hair clips and bows, they can become a great option for a festive occasion.

Romantic Headband Braid

A headband braid can be a great option for everyday wear or it can add a finishing touch to your festive outfit. You can weave a headband braid around your head, leaving a few strands loose.

Colorful French braids

Colorful French braids, or dragon braids, are a simple, yet elegant hairstyle, which requires certain skills and a lot of free time to be recreated.

High ponytail

A high ponytail that takes no longer than a couple of minutes to do is a classic option for hairstyles for everyday wear at school. You can take as an example any hairstyle for short hair in our photo gallery that features works by the best hairstylists from all over the world.

Afro braids

If you decide to go with afro braids, feel free to choose a photo on our website and recreate the hairstyle from our photo gallery.

Any chosen school hairstyles for short hair should be comfortable and easy to copy. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new styles, create new ones every day so that your child can always look fashionable and stylish.

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