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Simple Short Hairstyles

Various simple short hairstyles for women can help to hide imperfections and highlight merits of appearance. Women with short hair are able to show a greater degree of individuality and character as well as to create an image of a modern, self-confident person. Going short has multiple benefits. Women with short hair are surely satisfied with their hair length as it gets much easier to care for, style, and dry.

Women’s Easy Short Hairstyles

Women with short hair can be confident when it comes to changing their image, dyeing their hair, or experimenting with styling. Moreover, the process of hair styling is simplified and there is no limit for creativity.

Trimmed hair strands can be decorated with various accessories: small clips, bobby pins, scarves. These elements can add a special charm to your hair styling. Gel is used when it is necessary to highlight the smoothness of the hair or make finger waves.

You can achieve the necessary volume using mousse, if it suits the shape of the face. When the strands are neat and straight, you can fix them with hairspray. This will add relief and texture to your hair.

Hair cream or wax can be used to highlight the hairstyle. As for decorative elements, the most appropriate ones are considered to be bobby pins, combs and headbands. Flowers and lightweight headgear can look attractive as well.

It is recommended to use contrasting combinations, for example, smooth thick bangs together with strands chaotically arranged on the back of the head.

Men's Short Hairstyles

Stylists give men the opportunity to experiment. In the popularity ranking, wearers of classic hairstyles are competing with fans of unconventional messy hairstyles.

The trendy Urban Gentleman style originated not on the runway of a fashion show, but in the city streets among young people. Stylists just gave it an imposing name. In such hairstyles, preference is given to a structured mess. Here are some examples:

  • side-swept mini-Mohawk hairstyle with jagged strands;
  • storm wind effect - the hair is styled as if after a sharp gust of wind;
  • side-swept styling with a strand raised on the forehead to form a kind of a crown.

As for men who boast thick hair, hairdressers pay a lot of attention to hair tips. If the hair is thin, they suggest styling based on even haircuts with a flat top.

The longer the hair, the more room for creativity. One man can experiment both with straight, slicked-back locks for weekdays and a messy textured hairstyle for weekends.

Men’s short hairstyles today refute the classic: the more contrast, the better. This engenders the fashion for ultra-short or shaved temples and the back of the head.

In order to secure the hairstyle, a wax or styler with a creamy texture can be used.

Children's Short Hairstyles

Children's hairdos should be simple, trendy, easy to style and care for. They should not bother a child during active games.

What hairstyle to choose for a girl with a short haircut? All sorts of decorative elements can be useful here – rubber bands, bobby pins, headbands, etc. Short hairstyles for every day are quite in demand. They are suitable for kindergarten, school, clubs, and do not interfere with movement and different activities.

Headband is not only a good option to avoid the strands on the face, but also a great decor element to make hair look neat.

Two Ponytails

Two ponytails are a simple and neat option for a girl. This hairstyle is suitable for both everyday wear and a special occasion.


This is the most popular hairstyle for girls. You can make a nice hairdo on short hair with the help of French braiding. You can style a braid to be a separate hairstyle or just a part of it, for example, to take the hair away from the face.

Short Wedding Hairstyles

The main trend for wedding hairstyles this season is to look natural and casual.

Loose Waves

Such a hairstyle goes in line with the delicate image of the bride. Fixation products  will not let the waves straighten and will give the necessary volume at the roots.


Elegant curls in the style of the 1940s look luxurious and are hot in fashion even now. Moreover, it’s hard to find a girl who doesn’t look good with curls.

Flowers in the Hair

Flowers in the hair are in trend when it comes to the bride's romantic outfit. To make your hairstyle look more interesting, use a whole branch instead of just one flower.

Short Evening Hairstyles


Short hair can be beautifully styled for a special occasion in delicate waves.

Retro Hairstyles

Such hairdos seem to never be out of style. To make this hairstyle work, use a curling iron.

Accessories for Short Hairstyles

Hair professionals tend to adorn short women’s hairstyles with bright headbands, headbands with flowers, and bobby pins. Such decorative elements can be a part of a casual look or a nice touch to an evening outfit.


Feel free to use headbands of different widths and colors to adorn a short hairdo. They can hide loose locks and secure slicked back strands. Due to the wide variety of designs and colors, this accessory can complement any look, harmonizing with the overall color of the outfit.

Hair Clips

A barrette on short hair can change your outfit completely. Just use two claw clips to secure the strands on the sides and your romantic outfit is ready. Two or three bobby pins with stones will complement an evening look, and a clip with pearls can create a perfect outfit for a date.

Hair clips are used to fix bangs or strands gathered in a ponytail. Bright, elegant hair clips decorated with rhinestones, flowers and ribbons will jazz up your hairstyle, catching other people’s eyes.

The variety of short hairstyles is endless. However, you should not forget about additional hair accessories and fixation products as they will give you confidence in yourself and a good mood all day long.