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Shaved Sides Haircut

Asymmetrical Tomboy Cut for women

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A shaved sides haircut looks bold, trendy and stylish, so why not give it a try? With this hairstyle, you will get a neat appearance and the opportunity to experiment with the top section of the hair, adding more uniqueness and boldness to the image. The hairstyle will suit both confident women and men.

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Shaved Sides Haircut Types 

•straight. Here, the cut line runs diagonally at the nose level and the middle of the ear, it is also edged;

• oblique. With the help of such haircut, it is easy to even out the length of the hair; the smooth length transition line is not too flashy;

• long. This one will create some additional volume, even the hairline out, and flatter a full face and cheeks

Shaving off your sides could be a great step towards refreshing your hair look. A short haircut with shaved sides is a nice hairstyle option for those whose hair is starting to turn gray, and also for those who do not want to style their hair every day.


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