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Shag Haircut

The shag haircut can flatter almost any face shape by contouring it. It is done by layering strands step by step, and cutting semicircular bangs. The haircut looks particularly airy and light thanks to the multi-stage and multi-layered haircut technique. It’s especially suitable for girls and women with round and square face shapes. The shag haircut can be done for various lengths and hair textures.

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What is special about the shag haircut? This is not only the best haircut for any hair length, but you can solve a lot of problems with its help. For example, it helps to:

• add some volume and refresh the whole image this way;

• make your hair smoother and easily styled;

• hide some imperfections of the face shape;

• cut any kind of bangs, since all of them go well with the shag haircut. Of course, it will do even without bangs;

• experiment with dozens of ways to style your hair.

Many people mistakenly confuse the shag haircut with U-cut, rhapsody, and other haircuts. However, there is one important difference – in the shag haircut, the strands at the forehead are cut in the shape of an arc and frame the face.


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