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The box fade haircut has been around for several decades. There is hardly any man who has not heard of it. Box fade is a timeless classic that embodies a laconic and bold style. Despite the simplicity of this hairstyle, it looks expressive, fashionable and, in the image of a man, emphasizes his strong and masculine personality.

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Box Fade Haircut Features:

• short hair at the back of the head and on the sides;

• longer hair at the top of the head (1-4 cm);

• the transition from longer to short hair can be either smooth or abrupt;

• has no unnecessary details, keeps the face open.

Box Fade Hairstyle Benefits:

• suitable for men of all ages;

• goes well with any clothing style;

• does not require daily styling.

Although Box Fade Haircut Is Not Suitable For:

• men who have curly hair. The hairstyle will probably look messy;

• men who have any scalp defects. Box fade will rather emphasize the flaws than hide them.

Many people confuse box fade and half-box, and yes, indeed, these two haircuts are quite similar, but the half-box is distinguished by longer strands on the top of the head (up to about 7 cm), while the back of the head and sides are cut short, and often completely shaved off. The haircut can be complemented with a bang, which can be styled in very different ways: it can be combed up, sideways, to the front. Hair can also be ruffled, giving the image a thoughtful negligence.

By the way, women also fell in love with boxing hairstyle - many celebrities, divas and models start wearing it, emphasizing their outstandingly beautiful facial features so that they draw everyone’s attention wherever they go. Of course, you still need to be bold and daring enough to get your hair cut this short, however, if you are fond of experiments and want to attract everyone's attention, then why not?


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