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Trendy Haircuts for Young People with Photos


Trendy 2023-2024 haircuts for young people are all about creativity, simplicity, and eccentricity. We have asked hair stylists to pick the coolest haircuts for teenagers, young women and men. Check out their picks illustrated with photos!

Young people who keep track of trends often opt for stylish short haircuts, haircuts with bangs, and creative variants. However, classic laid-back options are not overlooked as well.

Haircuts for Young Men


Crop is an ever-popular men’s haircut across the world. It is versatile, simple, and easy to style, looks neat and comes in a lot of variants. Perhaps, it’s these advantages that attract modern guys.


The undercut is a haircut that contrasts longer hair on top with short or shaved hair on the sides. Men often wear a fashionable beard to complement an undercut.


Modern youth have not forgotten the King of Rock and Roll. This haircut has evolved into a variation with the shaved sides of the head.


This haircut features smooth transitions from long strands on top to short hair. Various styling methods allow for changing the look, which appeals to modern fashionistas.


This is a versatile haircut with smooth transitions, feathering, and bangs that are styled to the side to add flair to the look.


This is a short men’s haircut with layered bangs. Its distinctive feature is that the hair length is the same all over the head. This haircut always looks neat and flawless.


This long men’s haircut features the shaved sides and back of the head. A topknot looks messy and stylish.

Haircuts for Young Women


This haircut that is also called ‘Asian mullet’ is characterized by sharp borders between layers of hair, contrasting length, and a clear-cut shape. Daring and adventurous girls can go for ultra-fashionable variations with vivid and provocative coloring.


This bold and defiant haircut helps to create a look of a modern fairy. It gives the hair more volume and accentuates facial features. This season, stylists recommend adding choppy side swept bangs. Adventurous young women should consider dyeing their hair a bright color.


A bob cut is practical, easy to style, and looks classy and fascinating. The 2023-2024 trendy variants of a bob are all about longer front strands, asymmetry, and bangs (side swept, choppy, or blunt).

Short Garcon

This option is for those young women who want to give the hair additional volume and put emphasis on the face. Stylists create an elegant short haircut with some messiness on the top of the head and side swept bangs with the help of texturing and feathering.


Slight messiness and carelessness of this layered haircut makes it fashionable and convenient at the same time. The shag haircut looks great on shoulder-length hair. Its key feature is careful feathering that creates slight waves and leaves some strands sticking out.

Haircuts for Teenagers

Teenagers feel at ease in the sea of fashion trends ‘for adults’. They take experiments with hair a step further, choosing creative haircuts with bangs, shaved accents, and bright coloring options. Haircuts for teenagers are not strictly divided into those for boys and for girls, as many of them are gender neutral. Let’s look at the trendiest teenager haircuts.


Thanks to K-pop and anime, the popularity of Asian haircuts has skyrocketed. They feature brightly colored strands, layers, and asymmetry.


Teenagers tend to like chaos in all its forms. Haircuts in the style of grunge give them freedom of expression. They look good on medium-length hair with some highlights.


This universal haircut for teenagers reflects their defiant and rebellious attitude. It is most often done on short hair and features open sides and back of the head, choppy asymmetrical strands, and long bangs.

The variety of haircuts for young people is vast. Choose your favorite from our large photo gallery. Do not forget that youth is not a time of life – it is a state of mind, and feel free to experiment!

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