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Stylish Short Haircuts for Thin Hair


Not everyone can boast naturally dense and thick hair, but this should not keep you from getting a beautiful hairstyle. We have compiled a list of over 30 variations of stylish short haircuts for fine hair and asked hair stylists for tips.

Peculiarities of Thin Hair

Thin hair lacks volume, tangles easily, gets greasy quicker, and is difficult to style. Due to its fragile structure, fine hair is dry, brittle, and pale and gets damaged easily. We’ll discuss some aspects that specialists recommend keeping in mind when choosing a short haircut for thin hair.

  • Length. The longer the hair – the more detangling and styling you have to do.
  • Visual volume. Additional volume can be achieved with the help of not only a haircut, but also coloring, for example, Shatush and balayage, or techniques that feature darker roots or color transitions.
  • Simple styling. Styling thin hair is hard, so it’s better to choose a haircut that looks neat even after a shower or sleep.

Short Haircuts and Hair Color

Brunettes can rock smooth haircuts with evenly cut ends that can be given additional volume with the help of a hair dryer. For example, a straight bob cut with some volume at the roots.

Women with blonde or red hair can achieve volume if they choose a layered, asymmetrical haircut featuring strands of several different tones all over the head.

With Bangs

A short haircut with bangs is the right decision for thin hair if the bangs in question are asymmetrical choppy bangs. This will make the look bolder and sexier.

Blunt bangs will do if the hair is smooth, not fuzzy, and if volume is not a priority.


Textured haircuts are the perfect choice for fine hair. Textured strands create a voluminous haircut that can be easily highlighted with styling products. All it takes is putting some hair foam or mousse in your palms and working it into the strands to add volume.


Layered haircuts for thin hair are the best option for more volume. If you lift the hair at the roots and style it with a hair dryer, the haircut will become voluminous, while layers will give it a more natural and light look.

For Straight Hair

A choppy layered pixie cut is a win-win option. Asymmetrical bangs, shaved temples or back of the head can make the look even more daring. Another fitting alternative is a bowl cut or a bob.

Women with regular facial features and a long neck will rock a short straight bob. It can be turned into an elegant hairstyle by making large curls with a curling iron.

For Curly Hair

A cascade will look gorgeous on curly and wavy hair. It’s important to choose the length that will suit you. Women with slight waves can go for a long bob that will work nicely with their natural curls.

Trendy Haircuts for Fine Hair


A bob cut is a sure sign of a good taste and looks good on thin hair. This haircut will suit women with straight, wavy, or curly hair alike, making the look more feminine, classy, and elegant.

French Haircut

This haircut looks fashionable even without any styling. The hair is shaped perfectly and looks neat. The trademark feature of the cut is the well-known feathering technique.

Shag Haircut

This haircut suits everyone. Daily styling is not necessary as messiness is the main feature of this stylish look.


Pixie is another universal short haircut that makes the look super trendy. For thin hair, consider variations with messier and more voluminous hair on the back of the head, choppy bangs, and asymmetry. With the help of styling products, you can experiment every day, giving the haircut a different shape.

Layered Bob

A messy layered bob has been trending recently as it looks good even on thin hair. Other trendy options include voluminous asymmetrical bangs and longer strands around the face.

Short Haircuts for Different Age

There are no strict rules when it comes to age-appropriate short haircuts. However, there are some recommendations you could take into account when choosing a short haircut for thin hair.

  • Up to 35. Any option will do, including the shaved back of the head, a curly mop of hair, and smooth color transitions. For this age, the hair should look as natural as possible.
  • From 35 to 55. Complex asymmetrical haircuts work well. They add a touch of messiness to a generally neat look.
  • After 55. This is the time of elegance and austerity that can be achieved with the help of a smooth bob or a minimalist garcon haircut. Women with boyish haircuts look daring and original.

5 At-Home Hair Styling Tips from Professionals

  1. Less styling. A large amount of mousse, gel, or wax will make the hair look greasy and lifeless.
  2. Drying only with a hair dryer. It’s convenient to use a special round brush that lifts the hair at the roots.
  3. No back combing. If you do this often, the hair will become thinner and more fragile.
  4. Protection from excessive dryness. Apply heat protectants before styling and use moisturizing hair conditioners and masks.
  5. Natural methods. If you have enough length, do several braids before going to sleep. In the morning, you will get big natural waves without a curling iron.

When choosing a short haircut for thin hair, do not forget to ask your hair stylist for advice – then the result will be more predictable. Look for the best ideas of short haircuts in our gallery of works and feel free to experiment with trendy options!

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