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Best Haircuts for Men with Round Faces: 15 Ideas with Photos


A well-chosen haircut is an important element of a stylish look for women and men alike. The face shape is the main aspect you should take into account while choosing the type and style of your new haircut. While people with oval faces can consider themselves lucky as they can rock almost any haircut, those men who have a round face should be more careful. Read on to find out what types of haircuts for a round face exist and how to pick the right one for you.

Features of the Round Face Shape

How do you determine your face shape? Here are some features of the round face:

  • approximately even in width and length
  • no prominent cheekbones
  • a smooth jawline.

A proper haircut can visually elongate a round face and make the features sharper, clearer, and more oval. The proportions of the oval face are considered ideal and oval-faced people can rock almost any haircut.

It should be noted that a round face is not necessarily chubby, although the process of picking a haircut for both types is similar. Experienced hairdressers can suggest a haircut option that will flatter your face shape and appearance, suit your hair condition and age. So, if you’re wondering, what haircut will suit your round face, we recommend reaching out to a specialist.

Haircuts for Round Faces: Popular Options for Men

To balance out your facial features, a hairdresser can use various tricks: play with the length, cut the bangs, or do a different parting. The key to success is to make a round face visually more angular.

What are possible haircut options for men with round faces?


A quiff haircut adds height to your hair, elongating the face and balancing out the features. For the best effect, the sides are cut short to draw attention away from the width of the cheekbones.

Faux Hawk

A combination of short sides and back and long thick hair on top helps to make your cheekbones and cheeks appear less round.

Short Box

This short haircut flatters a round face, making the features visually more angular. However, this option is not suitable for wavy hair.

Long Box

This haircut is a favorite of many celebrities. The difference from the previous variation lies in a softer transition from short hair on the sides and back to longer on top, which gives more freedom for experiments with styling.

Short Bob

A short bob is a perfect option for men with thick straight hair. This haircut features longer strands on the sides and more volume at the back. A short bob often goes with bangs, but its type should be chosen with care: only a diagonal cut that elongates the shape will do.

Long Bob

Longer hair on men with round faces visually elongates the face. Men with wavy hair can get asymmetrical bangs for an edgy look.

Layered Haircuts

Layered haircuts are another alternative for longer hair that wants more volume. Layered haircuts visually elongate a round face, giving the  hair the necessary volume.

A cascading haircut helps to hide prominent cheeks and allows for various ways of styling, from a businesslike style to a messy and carefree look.

Haircuts for Chubby Faces

If you have a roundish chubby face, there’s one important tip you should keep in mind when choosing a haircut: don’t make the look heavy. You can avoid this with the help of the following simple, yet effective tips that can complement any of the suggested basic haircuts:

  • Long thick bangs are a must.
  • If there’s additional volume at the crown or on the sides, the hair is styled to the side to shift attention from plump cheeks.
  • The sides of the head are an important part, they can feature a variation of a fade.
  • The best decision is to avoid a sharp straight or diagonal part as it’s better not to add any clear lines to a hairstyle.

For a trendy look, complement your haircut for a round face with side-swept bangs. They will help to shift focus and are a perfect match for bob and retro cuts, for example, a quiff.

Haircuts for a Round Face with Bald Temples

Hairdressers recommend that men with round faces choose haircuts that flatter their appearance.

Styled Back Bangs

Haircuts with smooth transitions from relatively short hair on the sides to longer strands at the back and nape are especially suitable for men with fine and not-too-thick hair. To make your bald temples less noticeable, style the hair, including the bangs, back.

Such a hairstyle requires time and care as you’ll need to use styling products that won’t let the hairstyle fall apart.

Playful Locks

This hairstyle is great for men with round faces if the hair at the back of your hair can be easily styled. Create some messiness at the crown, styling your hair with gel towards the face. The hair at the back also requires attention: fluff it with your fingers for more volume and leave it sticking up.

Fade Cuts

Hair stylists recommend men with round faces and prominent bald temples going for a high fade for a daring and strong look. Short sides look even more striking if you sport a thick and stylish beard. So, it’s worth thinking your new look through in advance.


This haircut, like many others, is all about long hair on top and super short hair on the sides.

The hair on top is styled in a messy and creative way, for example, with spiky hair looking in the direction of the forehead. Long hair on top styled high is the best option for concealing bald temples, while highlighting your modern and unusuals style.


The pompadour is a haircut with more volume on top that was inspired by hairstyles commonly worn by high-class men of the past. This cut looks especially good on thick hair and is appropriate regardless of your style, social standing, and way of life. Thanks to combed back strands, your bald temples are less visible.


A grunge haircut helps to create trendy messiness. It is a common pick of young men with longer hair. Its messiness helps to alter the face shape visually and makes the look on-trend and stylish.

Haircuts for Boys with Round Faces

Stylists also have something to offer to boys. While little round-faced boys look undoubtedly cute and don’t have a problem with this, teenagers often want to look more daring and masculine.

Here are some options:

  • airy, messy haircuts
  • cascading and bob haircuts with long bangs styled to the side
  • an asymmetric faux hawk with clean bangs and a side part.

You can take these haircuts as the basis, adding or removing certain elements, to create a haircut that will flatter your round or chubby face or conceal bald temples. Most haircuts for round face men are very stylish and allow for creating the image of a stylish and confident person. Check out the theYou gallery to find the right option for you.

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