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Japanese Haircuts: Trendy Daring and Cute Options


Modern Japanese haircuts have spread far beyond Japan, becoming popular all over the world. In part, they came in thanks to the success of anime and manga. How are Japanese haircuts special and what are the most popular options for women and men? Let’s find out.

Characteristics of Japanese Haircuts

Haircuts that were sported by characters in Japanese animation and movies found their way into the beauty trends of younger generations. Replicated in real life, these look especially eye-catching, which makes them appealing to young people. Most anime-inspired haircuts cannot be complete without complex coloring using vivid hues.

Professional hairdressers name the following characteristics of trendy Japanese haircuts and hairstyles:

  • long thick bangs, sometimes chopped or side-swept
  • tapering
  • dark, mostly black main color of the hair
  • bright highlights or strands
  • cascading cuts
  • ponytails and pigtails
  • a liking for buns, especially in half-up hairstyles.

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Japanese Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths

Short or medium-length hair offers the most room for creativity. Most cuts just can’t go without long thick bangs. Textured and layered haircuts are also on trend.

For Short Hair

Japanese haircuts for short hair are far from boring and repetitive. Japanese hair stylists know how to create various looks by making certain small tweaks.

  • Colors. Any will do, even the most vivid ones, if you can allow this.
  • Shape. Symmetry and clean lines, asymmetry and layers — everything is possible.

Bob, lob, pixie, and bowl cut are all commonly used as a basis for creating unusual and bold looks.

For Medium Hair

Haircuts for medium hair are all based on a bob cut, which is considered versatile, and rightfully so. The inverted bob with shorter hair in the back and longer strands framing the face is a popular option. It works both with and without bangs. An inverted bob in the Japanese style is defined by bangs reaching the eyes. The texture of the bangs, whether they are choppy or clean cut can greatly alter the shape and overall vibe of the cut.

Another recognizable feature of an anime-inspired haircut is feathery, deliberately messy strands.

For a head-turning and daring look, consider a haircut for a top knot. Longer hair is put up in a bun, while the hair on the sides is cropped short or even shaved off. The original hairstyle is associated with samurai and was meant to reflect their life’s creed. Topknots are popular not only among men but also among women.

For Long Hair

Haircuts for long hair are usually left with a blunt cut or in a soft semicircle. Cascading haircuts are also an option for a more anime-inspired look.

If the hair is left long, hairdressers prefer to shift attention to bangs to bring out the eyes. Asymmetric strands in the front that are noticeably shorter than the rest of the hair make for an especially trendy look. But don’t forget about classics — blunt bangs reaching down to the eyebrows or side-swept bangs styled to the side.

Japanese Haircuts for Women: from Princess to Rebel

Women’s trendy haircuts can be divided into two types.

Some are all about cuteness, romantic vibes, and feigned infantility. For example, long wavy hair with slightly curled ends. Such kawaii looks can be pulled off with natural hair colors and healthy hair for it to look the prettiest.

If you want to feel like a princess, you can go for a hime, or princess cut. It consists of blunt-cut hair reaching below the shoulders and blunt bangs. What makes the haircut stand out is cheek-length sidelocks.

The other group of haircuts are quite the opposite. Chopped strands, unusual coloring choices, and bold styles are their characteristic features. Bob, inverted bob, and tomboy cuts are such ever-popular options.

A bob paired with blunt bangs resembles the look of many anime characters, and an inverted bob has been in for a while now as it is low-maintenance and takes some years off your looks.

Japanese Haircuts for Men: from Macho to Softness

Men’s Japanese haircuts can also be divided into two groups: some are meant to highlight one’s manliness while others are all about creativity and standing out.

In both cases, hairdressers steer clear of clean lines, going for deliberate messiness instead. These haircuts work best on straight hair without a hint of curls. Bangs work as the main element of the haircut. They can be

  • thick
  • tapered
  • medium- or chin-length.

When it comes to trendy looks for men in the Japanese style, there are several cool options, including a top knot, messy layered haircuts, and classic short haircuts for businessmen that do not require everyday styling.

Japanese Haircuts for Children

School girls can choose to wear short haircuts with layers, diagonal cuts, and long layered bangs. Choppy strands, messy hairstyles, and thick tapered bangs also work well. A hairstyle with two buns is a classic school option. Another common look that can be seen on school girls of different ages is two voluminous ponytails.

Young anime fans who want to stand out can get a haircut with short blunt bangs and colorful highlights or fully blue, green, or pink hair.

Many teenagers and university students often sport the stylish double bob. If you seek to change your hair color, it’s better to go with light shades.

Long hair can be straightened or arranged into slight waves. A cut can be complemented with bangs that can be easily styled to the side. A hime haircut is also a great option for children.

Summing Up

Japanese haircuts have gained popularity among young people because they look unusual and give room for self-expression thanks to

  • brightly colored strands
  • deliberate messiness
  • eye-catching bangs.

You will hardly be able to blend in. Your unusual look will draw onlookers’ eyes to you and indicate an outstanding and daring personality underneath.

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