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Your First Eye Makeup: A Guide for Beginners


Eye makeup is a great first step in mastering makeup art. Let’s discuss eye makeup for beginners, learn how to do it step by step and how to choose makeup products to suit your appearance.

What You Need for Eye Makeup

You’ll need detailed instructions, time, patience, and a set of makeup products and tools. What should be in it?

A beginner’s eye makeup kit should include:

  • mascara;
  • eyeliner;
  • eye pencil;
  • eyeshadow primer;
  • eyeshadow;
  • eyeshadow brushes;
  • makeup remover.

макияж глаз, косметика для глаз

Tip: The skin around the eyes is very sensitive. Choose high-quality products from reliable brands: this will help you avoid unpleasant effects and get beautiful eye makeup.

Eight Basic Rules

Before you grab mascara and eyeliner, study the main principles of eye makeup application.

Primer is the basis

Primer keeps eyeshadow and eyeliner from falling or crumbling, making eye makeup last longer. Primer should be applied to the entire eyelid.

To every shade its own area

Light eyeshadow is used for the area under the brow and for the inner corner, while dark eyeshadow is for the outer corner and the eyelid.

Blending is the key to success

Blending helps to adjust the shape of your eyes, mask drooping eyelids, make the eyes visually larger and the makeup brighter in general. Beginners can do with only two brushes: a small round one with soft fibers for eyeshadow and a middle-sized brush for blending.

Choosing eyeshadow carefully

Cream eyeshadow can act as a foundation for dry eyeshadow or for single-color makeup. It is convenient to use as it can be applied with fingers. Eyeshadow in the form of loose powder is more difficult for beginners, so it’s better to start with pressed powder.

макияж глаз, косметика для глаз

Save mascara for last

If you use mascara first, by the end of your makeup process, it will be sprinkled with eyeshadow. Painting eyelashes is the last step of eye makeup.

Consider the shape of your eyes

Small eyes can be visually enlarged with blending, close-set eyes can be ‘moved apart’ with white eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes, round eyes can be ‘elongated’ with winged eyeliner and dark accents in the upper part of the eyelid. If you take into account your facial features, you can mask or bring them out with eye makeup.

Makeup removal is important

It’s important not only to apply, but also to remove makeup products properly. There are five main types of makeup removal products: milk, gel, oil, micellar water, and two-step cleansers. The choice is up to you, we just recommend putting quality over price when it comes to such products.

Matching makeup color with eye color

Eye makeup for brown eyes differs from that for green eyes. Knowing what colors match your eye color and what don’t is important for beginners and professionals alike.

How to choose eyeshadow?

  • Makeup for brown eyes should feature greens, blues, and metallics.
  • It’s better to highlight green eyes with copper, purple, red, brown, or bronze hues.
  • Blue eyes will be flattered by peach, beige, golden, brown, dark gray, and dark green eyeshadow.
  • Gray eyes look great with purples, graphites, and bronzes.

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Day Eye Makeup for Beginners

Being able to do light casual makeup comes in handy in many situations: it is appropriate at a romantic date, a job interview, or a party.

  1. Clean your eyelids with micellar water to remove grease from the skin.
  2. Apply primer, blend it softly on the eyelid and under the brow.
  3. Apply eyeshadow of neutral color to the upper eyelids.
  4. A darker shade of eyeshadow goes on the outer corners of the eyes (all nudes are great for day makeup) and the outer V area as well as highlights the lower eyelid.
  5. Accentuate the inner corners with light eyeshadow.
  6. Apply a color that is between the previous ones to the middle part of the upper eyelid and blend the colors.
  7. Draw thin wings with eyeliner. You can use a special stencil or outline the lash line with eyeliner or a pencil.
  8. Finally, apply mascara.

макияж глаз

макияж глаз

Basics of Evening Makeup

Once you’ve mastered day makeup, you can easily move on to evening makeup. All you need is to know several rules.

  • Use darker eyeshadow, however, don’t forget to choose shades that suit you. Night makeup can feature makeup products with iridescence or shimmer.
  • Make your winged eyeliner more noticeable. You can use stencils or blending techniques to draw wings.
  • Outline the lower eyelid with a black eye pencil.
  • Give your lashes more volume with mascara primer that is applied before mascara.

макияж глаз

макияж глаз

Doing your own makeup is not as difficult as it seems. Follow our step-by-step tutorial carefully and you’ll learn how to do beautiful eye makeup for any occasion.

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