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Makeup at Home for Beginners


How to apply makeup correctly? What makeup products should be in a beginner’s makeup kit? How to conceal imperfections and bring out strengths? In this article, we will teach you how to do your makeup at home.

Basic Makeup Rules

The skill of applying makeup comes with practice. So don’t give up, don’t hurry, follow instructions, and learn to do your makeup step by step.

What you need to know:

  • At the start, the less products, the better. Begin with basic makeup. Later, you can buy more makeup products and tools and move on to more difficult makeup designs.
  • Take into account your skin type. For example, a cream foundation suits dry skin, powder textures suit oily skin, and normal skin will do with a liquid foundation or a matte primer.
  • Start your makeup with treating the skin, then move on to eyebrows, eyes, and lips.
  • Make an accent either on your eyes or lips.
  • You can’t do perfect makeup without cleaning and moisturizing your skin. Don’t bypass makeup removal and your skin care routine.

Makeup for Beginners: A Shopping List

What should you do first? Go shopping, of course! Your first makeup kit can be rather small, but it should have high-quality products.

Shopping list:

  • mascara;
  • eyeliner;
  • concealer;
  • primer;
  • creamy, cream-to-powder, or liquid foundation / BB or CC cream
  • powder;
  • blush;
  • a brush for blush. There are also special brushes for applying lipstick and foundation, but you can buy them later;
  • eyebrow pencil or shadow and gel;
  • lipstick or lip gloss;
  • eye shadow;
  • makeup remover;
  • cleanser;
  • moisturizing cream that suits your skin type and age;
  • a makeup mirror on a stand.

Tip: Watch makeup tutorials for beginners, subscribe to makeup artists, read related articles — this will help you to learn faster and find out about professional makeup products.

Step-By-Step Makeup Tutorial

Remember that you should apply makeup to clean skin.

  1. Apply a primer to your face. It smooths the tone, masks wide pores, and makes makeup more durable.
  2. Apply foundation that suits your skin type and season of the year: go for lighter textures in summer and thicker ones in winter. If you find it difficult to select a shade, settle upon a matte primer. Tap it into the skin from the center to the perimeter of the face.
  3. Apply concealer with dabbing motions in a V-shape under the eyes to mask dark circles.
  4. Apply powder to the T-zone first and cover the rest of the face with a thin layer.
  5. Gently highlight your cheekbones with rouge along the imaginary line from the tip of the ear to the chin. You can use highlighter instead of rouge to make your skin shimmer.

Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial

Eyebrow makeup starts with choosing a color of an eyebrow pencil or shadow that should be one shade darker than your hair. Beginners should go for eyebrow shadow as it is easier to manage.

Here’s our plan:

  1. Brush your eyebrows with a brush, pull out unruly hairs with tweezers.
  2. Draw a soft line along the outer edge of the eyebrows with a pencil or a diagonal brush, then another one along the inner edge. Start drawing from the middle to the tips.
  3. Fill the contour in the middle and on the tips to make your eyebrows visually thick, but not appear painted.
  4. Secure it with eyebrow gel.

Specialist’s tip: A slight line of white eyebrow shadow under the eyebrows will make them brighter and more eye-catching.

Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you want to make long-lasting eye makeup at home, use a primer or concealer for eyelids.

  1. First, apply matte eyeshadow of a neutral color to the entire upper eyelid.
  2. Apply a darker shade of eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye and slightly blend it.
  3. Apply an even darker tone to the moving part of the eyelid without brushing against the other shades.
  4. Use an eye pencil or eyeliner to highlight the eye from the inner to the outer corner.
  5. Paint your eyelashes with mascara from the roots. If you want to make your gaze more expressive, apply several layers.

Specialist’s tip: To make your eyes visually bigger, you can use a white eye pencil on the rim of your eyelid called the waterline.

Choosing a color scheme:

  • green eyes go well with black, silvery black, brown, mauve, bronze, and golden eye shadow;
  • blue eyes work well with creamy and beige hues, brown, peach, apricot, dark gray, and dark green eyeshadow.
  • dark or light blue, metallic, olive and other shades of green will flatter brown eyes;
  • highlight gray eyes with graphite, silvery, bronze, or copper eyeshadow as well as all shades of purple.

How to Get Thicker Eyelashes

Lastly, deal with your eyelashes:

  • use a mascara primer (transparent or black);
  • accentuate upper lashes with black mascara and use brown one for lower lashes.

Specialist’s tip: Microfiber mascara will make your eyelashes voluminous even if they are naturally thin and short.

What to Do with Hooded Eyes

What makeup should you do if you have hooded eyes? This requires a special approach.

Here are some tips:

  • Steer clear from clean and crisp eyeliner.
  • Do not use pearlescent eyeshadow as it adds volume and makes your eyes appear heavier.
  • Avoid sharp color transitions, blend eyeshadow and pencil lines.
  • Choose subdued colors, as vibrant and contrasting hues will not look flattering.
  • Do not use black eyeliner on the lower eyelid.

Specialist’s tip: Slightly arched and elongated eyebrows are a go-to option for those of us who have droopy eyelids.

Lip Makeup Tutorial

Lip makeup for beginners is easy if you follow these simple steps and use several secret tips.

  1. Moisturize your lips with lip balm and give it time to absorb.
  2. Remove the remaining balm with a paper tissue.
  3. Outline the lips with concealer. This is a must-do step for lips with vague outlines.
  4. Outline the lower lip with a lip pencil to match your chosen lipstick.
  5. Repeat the process with the upper lip (work your way from the center to the tip).
  6. Apply lipstick. If you want to add volume, choose lighter shades.
  7. Blend the border between the pencil and lipstick with a brush or finger.
  8. For even more volume, apply transparent lip gloss on top.

Specialist’s tip: You can make your lip makeup last even longer if you paint your lips with a lip pencil that matches the shade of your lipstick fist.

Steps for Makeup Removal

If you want to learn to do your makeup at home, you should also learn to clean all these makeup products from your skin. Apart from your usual cleansing product, you will also need hydrophilic oil, micellar water, or a two-step cleansing product. Your choice of products should be guided by your skin type and sensitivity.

Removing makeup at home:

  • Use your cleansing product to remove makeup products from your skin.
  • Clean your face with your usual cleanser.
  • Wipe the skin with a toner.
  • Apply moisturizing cream.

Doing your own makeup might seem difficult. However, keep in mind that practice — as well as following the right steps and doing it with inspiration — makes perfect . To get inspired, visit the theYou gallery.

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