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Bright red matte finish

A bright red non-shiny manicure will look favorably on square, oval and almond-shaped nails, regardless of length. A special top will help to achieve a matte finish, which, when dry, removes glossy shine.

A manicure in a bright red color is self-sufficient, however, discreet decoration of one or two nails with a strip of rhinestones or thin contrasting lines would be appropriate.

The design looks original and elegant in the form of a monochromatic red jacket, where the matte finish is combined with the shiny gloss of the free edge. This option is suitable for light red and rich dark shades.

Bright red manicure for long

On long nails, a bright red manicure looks attractive, however, not in all situations is appropriate. When dress code is required, it is best to choose soft shades of red, such as salmon or ash pink.

Red shades in manicure should be in harmony not only with the wardrobe, but also with the color type of appearance. Long nails for owners of dark skin will suit warm shades of red, for example, scarlet. In the cold season, darker shades - burgundy, wine, paprika and chestnut - may be an option. Red-haired beauties with fair skin should opt for a discreet red with an orange tint.


On shortened nails, a bright red manicure of dark wine shades would be appropriate. Gloss and matte top look equally harmonious. Short plates in red do not seem aggressive or defiant, on the contrary, they add charm and tenderness to the feminine image.

Bright red manicure in any design attracts close attention to the hands. It requires careful maintenance: the nails must be of the correct shape, and the coating is complete and corrected in time.

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