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Popular forms of extended nails

The procedure for nail extension is a long-established and familiar process for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Skillful modeling with special shapes or tips allows you to correct natural imperfections, to achieve a fashionable shape and length of the nail plates.

Correctional work solves several problems at once:

  • A noticeable strengthening of the structure of the marigold, an increase in the degree of their density, hardness.
  • Improving the appearance due to the smoothness, evenness of the plates.
  • A wide field for experiments with shape, length, decoration methods.
  • Extension of the wearing period of the selected manicure coating - up to 21 days.

Modeling is carried out using a variety of polymer compositions. The extension techniques are united by one factor - the choice of the shape of the nail plate suitable for the lady's fingers. Let's consider the most popular ones.


An unusual shape, which is a kind of mix of almonds and squares. Craftsmen carefully cut out the side edges, but in the process the pointed tip is replaced with a sharp cut with softened corners. The shape, reminiscent of ballerinas' pointe shoes, noticeably lengthens the nail plates, helps to visually balance the fullness of the fingers.


Universal shape, suitable for marigolds of any width. The laconic geometry gives the manicure a neat look, significantly increasing the length of the nail plate. Masters recommend a square for body-positive ladies, because a well-defined cut with slightly softened corners gives the fingers a graceful, sophisticated look.


A universal shape that emphasizes the beauty, femininity of the hands. When filing the side edges, a narrowed point is formed, like in an almond. A simple rule will help to avoid the formation of a triangle: the length of the distal (free) edge corresponds to or exceeds the size of the nail bed. By the way, any nail design is suitable for the owners of such marigolds: jacket, dried flowers, negative space, geometry, sweet bloom ...


Delicate shape that repeats the natural outlines of the nail plates. Ideal for ladies whose lifestyle involves active hand work. Adjusts the length of the fingers well, gives a neat look, does notendures excesses, an abundance of decorations, bulky stucco elements.


The best form of marigolds for design experiments, unusual manicure techniques. Oval nail plates are comfortable in everyday life, withstand extreme loads, mechanical stress, and go well with plump and thin fingers.

Beautiful designs for extended nails

Trends in the design of artificially worked nail plates correspond to general trends. Bright colors, interesting techniques, innovative decor methods are in fashion. We offer the hottest ideas for manicure for extended nails.


Modeling involves a significant increase in the length of the nail plate, adjusts to a creative approach to nail design. Artistic painting, sticker sliders, funny images, floral motifs, geometry, openwork patterns - everything fits. At the hand of an experienced master, you will get a memorable manicure, successfully inscribed in the image of a young beauty, a stylish business lady, and a mature lady.

With rhinestones

Imitation of precious stones is an ideal "neighbor" for extended marigolds. Salon masters use sparkling elements with single decors, loose, ribbons, highlight the "smile" line, lunula. Drawings laid out with pebbles of various colors, shapes, sizes look interesting.


Glitter sand design looks equally good on wide and narrow nail plates. Spangles allow you to focus on individual areas of the marigold, highlight small elements of the pattern, and create an interesting volumetric decor. Do you want to bring a drop of festive mood into your life? Add sparkle to one or more fingers.


Classic nail design - leader in terms of wear. A perfectly executed manicure looks neat even without constant correction of the regrown lunula area. The standard options for the French way of decorating are relevant, the original ones like an even, double, beveled "smile", as well as non-trivial borders (diagonal, V-shaped). Do not forget to add a little creativity to your manicure: thematic drawings, geometric patterns, bright prints, immodest rhinestones, linesscotch tapes.


The beautifully designed shape of the base of the marigold is a reason for professional pride. Why not emphasize once again the beauty of the lunula area, demonstrate the work under the “Ideal” status ?! The emphasis on the cuticle area is performed with a contrasting color, textured material, decorative elements. Add-ons like rhinestones, kamifubuki, bulk components are welcome!

Negative space

Trendy nail design is used on extended nails without a single limitation. It is not surprising, because the elongated free edge and the beautiful shape of the plate allow you to fully show the talent of the creator. The main thing is to carefully choose the color for the unfilled area, corresponding to the general nail idea.

The building technique is a "lifeline" for ladies who are dissatisfied with natural data. There are too few contraindications, so do not deny yourself the pleasure of showing off a beautiful manicure. Dare to experiment with fashion to create a stylish, daring look for all occasions.