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Wet Look Lash Extension

Wet Look Eyelash Extensions: Features

The choice in favor of the wet effect is worth making if you want to give the eyelashes density, volume, look like after water procedures, but at the same time preserve naturalness. The effect is achieved due to the special fixation of artificial hairs of different lengths.

The extension method consists in a certain sequence of alternating the lengths of artificial hairs, as well as in a given slope. They are glued one at a time or in sparse bundles. The opening of the bundles is minimized, the base is not attached parallel to the growth of natural eyelashes, but with the end part to the outer corner of the eye.

Sometimes masters use an incomplete scheme - the bundles are not attached to each natural hair, but after one. These lashes with a wet look are suitable for owners of thick lashes when extra volume is not required.

Eyelash extensions can be light, natural and bright, noticeable. The wet effect technique is applicable to any bend. For subtle results, opt for B-curved hairs.

Artificial hairs are distinguished by volume - from 1.5 to 6D. Lashes with a wet look look more natural with 1.5-2D, 3D.

Who is suitable for wet look eyelashes?

Wet eyelashes look natural, but they are more suitable for people with pronounced facial features, close-set eyes. Also, an alternative extension option should be chosen by those with:

  • small facial features;
  • eyes set wide;
  • thin, sparse, straight, downward-looking eyelashes.

"Wet" effect is suitable for girls with short eyelashes devoid of density. With proper fixation, the artificial material is easy to wear, almost not felt.

It is worth postponing the session in case of exacerbation of any disease, especially eye disease. It is not recommended to perform the procedure for pregnant women: hormonal changes affect the result.

Care for eyelash extensions

In order for artificial hairs to remain attractive for a long time, it is worth learning how to properly care for them. Experts advise:

  • Do not wet your face for the first day after building. Water can dissolve the glue - artificial hairs will fall off quickly. The glue needs time to dry completely;
  • refuse from frequent visits to the bathhouse, pool,solarium. Hot air, chlorinated water, ultraviolet rays destroy the structure of the glue;
  • sleep on your back, side. Friction of artificial hairs on the pillow can lead to creases, premature eyelash loss;
  • in decorative cosmetics, give preference to dry textures, choose mascara without added fats;
  • use micellar water to remove makeup: oils, alcohol contained in other products dissolve the glue;
  • do not rub eyes, do not use a curling iron;
  • use a special brush for combing artificial hair;
  • wash with cool water.

The material should be filmed by a specialist. Performing the action on your own, there is a risk of losing your own eyelashes. After long-term wearing of extended eyelashes, eyelids and natural eyelashes can be healed with the help of special oils, vitamin serum.

Effect duration

The service life of the "wet effect" extension depends on home care, the characteristics of the organism, the state of natural hairs. Usually artificial hairs last from two weeks to two months. Experts recommend carrying out the first correction in the third week after the initial build-up. However, each person is individual - only through personal experience it is possible to find out how long the material will last.

Wet effect eyelash extension is a popular beauty procedure. It is suitable for those who want to look natural and well-groomed. Always an expressive look, saving precious minutes for makeup are the main advantages of "wet" build-up.

A multitude of options for volume, curves, additional techniques and eyelash extension techniques create an extended space of opportunities for lashmakers. We offer you to look at the work of masters in theYou catalogs with the ability to make an appointment with a specialist in your city.

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